18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA


"""It is as if the millions of centuries that have moulded our auditory organs have taken special care to provide us with a permanent alarm system. It tells us almost instantly what is happening, and it tells us whether this event threatens us, comforts us, interests us; in short: whether it concerns us"" Olivier Revault d'Allones, ""Musique et philosophie"", in L'Esprit de la musique 1992, p 37. ""Sounds are not the manifestations of events that happen to things, nor are they qualities of events, they are the events"". Francis Wolff, ""Why Music? 2021, p 49 There is a special relationship between sound and event. For there to be sound, something has to happen, something has to move, an event has to occur. Without movement there is no sound. Sounds signify events. For the creation of this piece I impregnated the left hand of the tambourine player with black oil paint so that, as she played the different rhythms in sequence that give the piece its name, she would leave the imprint of each beat on the tambourine drumhead. The performance was recorded on a single-channel video. In an attempt to generate new forms of visual recording of these sounds belonging to tradition, a monochrome pictorial piece is produced as a consequence of the performative process on the instrument itself and, at the same time, a video piece (which shows in real time the performance with the tambourine) without sound, which means that we cannot hear, but have to intuit or visually deduce the rhythms mentioned in the title. Thus, this piece, made with black paint, which denies any three-dimensionality and which refers us to the colour of traditional notation in music, is an attempt to legitimise new ways of confronting and recording certain events derived from the musical and pictorial traditions, and speaks to us of the obstinate and uninterrupted attempt to create new codes of understanding between the visual and the sonorous. "
Author Juan López
Country Spain
Year 2022
Duration 3'
Sound format No sound
Recording format mov
Exhibition format mp4