18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA

Sound Thought

#soundthought, an exercise in writing without ink, carried out using an old quill on golden sheets of silk paper. It is an attempt to record thought through the recording of the sound generated by the act of calligraphing words resulting from the flow of consciousness through automatic writing. This gesture, which implies the intention of absence of control of reason, on the other hand invites the audience to an active listening. The sound generated will be captured through the use of a contact microphone, to be subsequently used as plastic compositional material in the work. To inscribe the ephemeral, the artist recovers the manual through the manuscript, manipulates and edits it digitally to finally deposit it in an analogue storage medium of sound signals. This potentially infinite action translates into a testimony that can be looked at and listened to without being read. Notes of traced traces that materialise by tearing and crossing out innumerable fragmented and crossed phrases. Reminiscences interrupted, superimposed, wounded, confused and half-forgotten. Broken memories, capable of generating quick instants that slow down time in the frustrated attempt to make the intangible tangible, like an unmarked blow. Sound thought is also a category of psychiatry used to talk about auditory hallucinations.
Author Mónica Mura
Country Spain
Year 2022
Duration 2'
Sound format Stereo (2 channel)
Recording format .mov
Exhibition format .mp4