18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA


"The piece constitutes a disarmament of the very concept that gives it its title, a concept used profusely in the world of video art, sometimes to excess. The tape begins with a real-time recording of the feedback generated by connecting the video camera and the television monitor while broadcasting, a situation that originates uncontrolled images between these two magnetic fields. This footage is, in turn, shown on a museum monitor and the scene is recorded by a camera that projects what it sees onto a screen... And so on until, after a few more steps, it collapses, destroying the 'single-channel' concept from within. It is an immersion into the interior of these dimensions, trying, in some way, to reach intermediate and mysterious terrains where the technological and the human converge and confront each other. "
Author Alberto Ardid
Year 2022
Duration 11'
Sound format AAC
Recording format DV & HDV
Exhibition format Single-channel Video 1920x1080