18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA

History of a tree

The film is a portrait of a living non-human organism, a tree. A long take leads inside its fronds and branches, it whirls following the sinuosity of the foliage from the inside to the outside at a very close distance. The visual monumentality of its features is counterbalanced by its apparently silent being. The sonic perspective of the film gives the tree the sounds coming from the surrounding territory. These sounds become like its own and, spreading throughout its biological life, they seem to spring from it. In the course of its millennial existence, many events, both natural and human, have taken place in the area where this Valonia Oak, protagonist of the film, has its roots. The noises of pastures, wars and breaks, as well as the dialogues in Yiddish, Arbëresh, Byzantine Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Griko, Albanian, Romanes, French and Salentine languages, in addition to the music and songs, all together coming from the whole period of life of this tree, create the sound-sap of it, which becomes the soundscape of the film.
Author Flatform
Year 2020
Duration 24'
Recording format 4k digital