18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA


"When he woke up, the elephant was still there. Elephant is the shortest possible film. Elephant consists of a single frame, with a duration of 1/60 of a second (16.7 milliseconds). Elephant is the demonstration of the essential difference between photography and film, of the radical difference between frame and photograph: film is not movement (it is impossible to reproduce movement with a single frame), but visual time. Elephant imposes its (meagre) temporality, both showing and concealing. Elephant is political cinema, a denunciation of the brutality of a fascist state (illegalisation of political parties, imprisonment of journalists) whose obviousness to want to deny the whole world, a denunciation of the censorship and manipulation of the media that only show what the masters of the world allow them to show."
Country Galicia
Year 2022
Duration 16,7 ms
Sound format Stereo
Recording format Vídeo HD
Exhibition format Vídeo HD