18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA

A Man Without Image

"A man without image invites us to penetrate into the depths of history. As the artist reminds us, ""Marcel Duchamp said that 'vision penetrates matter without breaking it'"". Like a man at sea clinging to his boat, we cling today to this troubled world, to the uncertainty of life, but also to its power to shape the new history that is being written among us. A man without an image is a symbol of representation of struggle against fear, against hidden injustice, the Man without an image invites us to cross the imaginary desert that stalks our darkest and quietest nights, but also, most probably and paradoxically, the brightest nights illuminated by lightning or an ocean of questions. We can take a boat or simply walk or fly! Come on! But to venture beyond, we have to overcome numerous walls, unless we close our eyes to go through matter without breaking it. However, closing our eyes is an act of trust in the world..."
Country France
Year 2020
Duration 9'
Sound format stereo
Recording format 2K
Exhibition format Apple Pro Res LT 2K