18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA

VR Installation

The Inner Island VR 8K

Monoscopic 360 video, CG
"This tiny world arose on the basis of a piece of music Souvenir de Porto Rico by composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk written from 1857 during a tour in Puerto Rico. Inside the architectural space that is constantly changing with movement, accompanied by a complex musical rhythm, surrounded by illusions, the viewer becomes a part of the virtual environment." [ × ]
"A donation of two hundred 16mm film reels from the second half of the 20th century gave us access to an impressive archive, whose utopian ideas we are revitalizing from today's perspective and bringing them to life in the form of a VR. Parts of the historical material have been digitized and transferred into a virtual space, where they create a vision of the future conjured from memories. Postcolonial memory, retrofuturist aesthetics, and queer ecology merge in an archaeological process of re-imagining other possible futures. Here, document and fiction intersect and merge into a speculative vision that enables a cross-cultural and intergenerational transfer of knowledge and symbols. This roomscale VR experience begins in a futuristic tunnel that leads to a utopian island through which the audience can freely navigate using joysticks. They can explore various video sculptures built out of the digitized films that dialogue with critical contemporary thoughts. " [ × ]