18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA

Final Cut

Y después de nada (And after nothing), by Carla Andrade, is the diary of a journey-shipwreck in search of the experience of emptiness from the Nepalese Himalayas to its antipode in the Chilean Atacama Desert. During this journey, a love story with a Nepalese citizen highlights the disparate privileges of nationalities, reflecting the cracks in a system whose consequences result in a total abandonment of life. [ × ]
Dora García presents the experimental film/art project Amor Rojo (Red Love), in which she uses the figure of Alexandra Kollontai (1872-1952), Marxist theorist and Soviet revolutionary, radical feminist and sexual activist, as a guide through the labyrinth of female freedom, sexual emancipation and love as a weapon. [ × ]
In Turismo de Guerra (War Tourism), Kikol Grau mixes recreations, sound, cosplay, historical memory and archive, predominantly sound. He proposes a necessary rewriting that helps reflection and critique, a journey in which we will ironically enter into remote events through current perspectives. It’s possible to come out of the war. [ × ]
Alén Mar, by Andrés Sanjurjo, is a travel diary that shows a couple's relationship with the world through a melancholic look at the absence of a sister who makes us reflect on how to learn to live in the world without a loved one. [ × ]