18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA

Schools – Single-channel

Madrid. April. 2020. COVID-19. A girl is at home bored, a boy feels alone in his room. They don't know each other but they imagine each other through a chat room. During their conversations, they will start a journey in space and time to escape from their confinement. [ × ]

Helix Aspersa

Red Epic
Helix Aspersa tells the story of María, a 22-year-old girl who lives under oppression and lack of communication with her mother and the world around her. Suddenly and unexpectedly, and as the only way to escape and escape from her condition, the protagonist will undergo a deep metamorphosis, where dreams and reality will intermingle until she completely strips herself of her humanity, to find freedom beyond the rational. [ × ]
Collective project based on the children's game "Exquisite corpse". A total of thirty people participate in it, chosen at random weekly in a confidential manner, with the premise of a maximum of thirty seconds of video per person through the social network Instagram via the account @aaquetecallesss. [ × ]
Two radio amateurs find themselves immersed in a mysterious universe of ancient artefacts, antennas and electromagnetic waves. Various difficulties will make them strive to achieve the best long-distance communication. [ × ]
Identity is a complex, non-static concept, both personal and social. The world is not external to the subject, but the two form an original amalgam. We are part of those around us, we are social subjects. My body is always with other bodies, in a concrete space-time. The “I” does not only inhabit myself, the “I” is not enclosed in myself. [ × ]