18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA


In Salvaxe, salvaxe, filmmaker Emilio Fonseca proposes a question using the sensorial tools of cinema: is it possible to know that which is wild? His exploration opens up an immersive experience for the audience: cinema as an encounter with the nature that we are. [ × ]
In his Manifesto Maxilar: o proceso Dis[x]alfa, Berio Molina addresses the theme of the death of language, society's inability to accommodate forms of communication outside the normalised. The title refers to discordance with literacy, or dissidence with respect to language, and by having the format of a manifesto. [ × ]
Irueña, mon amour is Olatz Ovejero's first feature-length documentary, in which she seeks to explore the memory of the actress, filmmaker and writer María Luisa Elío and to relate it to the transformation of the landscape, an idea that is very present in her work. [ × ]