18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA


Y después de nada (And after nothing), by Carla Andrade, is the diary of a journey-shipwreck in search of the experience of emptiness from the Nepalese Himalayas to its antipode in the Chilean Atacama Desert. During this journey, a love story with a Nepalese citizen highlights the disparate privileges of nationalities, reflecting the cracks in a system whose consequences result in a total abandonment of life. [ × ]
Urrutia is a project by Ainara Elgoibar that weaves relationships between diverse materials: the 16mm images of the author's grandmother and her house, a model of the James Webber telescope, the images that NASA shares about the telescope, those that she will share about the (almost) origin of the universe, the photographs that travel to the (almost) origin of Elgoibar's family, and other stories about the world, light, waves, technologies, time and its scales. [ × ]
In Pilar Monsell's film Ensayo para una revuelta (Rehearsal for a revolt), a group of women of diverse origins and sexual identities stage an unknown popular uprising that was led by other women, a long time ago, in the city of Córdoba: "El Motín del Pan" (The Bread Riot) [ × ]