18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA

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Gari Arambarri proposes Doce formas y una pausa (Twelve forms and a pause), a film in progress that reflects on the plastic possibility of form and the relationship between image, text and dissonance. It brings together a series of images in Super 8 that focus on the question of technique as an exploration of limits and structures in relation to affections. [ × ]
Daniel Domínguez presents the project Representation is a whirlpool in a river, framed within the idea of changing the ways we interact with our representations of reality. Through the use of AIs (Artificial Intelligences) that modify images audiovisually. [ × ]
Inés Espinosa proposes a generational reflection: Aunque todo parezca quieto (Although everything seems still) traverses nostalgia and identifies emotion from the political structure. It is a millennial exploration charged with swaying, paralysis, disorder and melancholy. The year 2000 marks a change of millennium and establishes a collective definition for the people who grow up with it. [ × ]
Lucus, by David Fidalgo is a 2D digital animation short film project, which narrates a historical fantasy tragicomedy based on the hero's journey, in this case heroine, set in Roman Lugo, something never done in fiction or animation. [ × ]
Inés García takes up the myth that gives her project its name: Eurídice (Eurydice). The time has come for Eurydice to speak, supported by all the depictions of the myth throughout history, she claims her place. The external currents push the story to evolve once again and to be a reflection of a new material conception. A body of the present with ancestral memories that walks towards an unknown landscape. [ × ]
With Run Economy, Leonardo Jimenez aims to make visible the current social, economic and cartographic problems existing in Ecuador, regarding the continuous "fight" between informal traders and the metropolitan police; the necessary motivation to develop a video game (singleplayer) where users have the opportunity to get involved with those dynamics between territory and capitalism. [ × ]
Shame, understood as an agent that attaches itself to other emotions and processes, is transformed, complicating its understanding. Given its multiplicity, this work confronts shame from three spheres: individual, collective and historical shame, all of them vertebrated by an emphasiser of shame, the queer experience. [ × ]
Isabel Merchante proposes A Beautiful Sunset, a piece that involves a collaboration with several artificial intelligences that describe, through self-generated images and poems, a sunset. In this way, a soundscape and lightscape of an alien world that we can only glimpse is composed. [ × ]
Lucía Montero narra al tiempo que construye la historia del personaje que da título a su proyecto: Peter. Tendrá sesenta y pico años. Es inglés y la autora supone que está jubilado, aunque no lo sabe. Tampoco sabe su apellido ni su número de teléfono, pero sabría dónde encontrarle si quisiera verle de nuevo. Luis (82), Daniel (73) y José Luis (66), actores, serán todos Peter. Y esta película, varias a la vez. [ × ]
Lucía Montero narrates while building the story of the character that gives her project its title: Peter. He is in his sixties. He is English and the author assumes he is retired, although she does not know it. She doesn't know his last name or phone number either, but she would know where to find him if she wanted to see him again. Luis (82), Daniel (73) and José Luis (66), actors, will all be Peter. And this film, several at once. [ × ]
In Los cantos de Piti Laudio (The chants of Piti Laudio), Afra Rigamonti introduces us to a group of people with different pathologies that affect their physical capacities, performing an experimental opera. Music and image pursue a dissident harmony, an experience of subversion of norms that blur the boundaries between the beautiful and the grotesque, the human and the monstrous. [ × ]
Victor Soho imagines in the Infinite Adolescence project three moments in the story of the same character. Natalia, 14 years old. She is an insecure girl. She barely has any friends and spends her time playing online. Natalia, 102 years old, is a confident woman. She is exiled in China for belonging to a Galician terrorist gang. A techno-biologist alien, millennia after the extinction of the human race, tries to reconstruct her story. [ × ]