“Diverse views of Coruña” was an inclusive workshop whose central activity was the realization of a collaborative video art work and its public exhibition

People from groups with functional diversity participated in the workshop, in collaboration with ASPRONAGA – Association of People with Intellectual Disabilities of
Galicia and APEM – Association for the Mentally Ill of La Coruña; as well as a group of local artists, in collaboration with A Colectiva – Professional Association of Artists of Galicia.

When and where?
The workshop was held between May 15 and 20, 2022. The work was staged and shown at La Volátil on June 14, 2022, and was also part of the INTERSECTION festival program, screening at the Paris Cinema on June 19 October 2022

The workshop was organized in various work sessions, with the general coordination of a professional experienced in working with people with diversity, the tutoring of a video and audio artist and the assistance of local artists, who collaborated in the work of the people with diversity, sharing their experience and enabling mutual personal enrichment.
The participants carried out planning, recording and editing activities for the audiovisual work and the exhibition.

The work consisted of a short film whose leitmotif was the approach to the urban space of the city of A Coruña: the way in which it is inhabited, shared, lived and coexisted by its citizens. The result works like an urban symphony: a kaleidoscope of views over the city.

So that?

  • To generate inclusive activities that encourage the participation of groups currently excluded or at risk of being excluded.
  • For the people of these groups to explore their creative potential.
  • For the social return of inclusive artistic activity and the dissemination of its values.
  • To contribute to research and development in aspects of accessible culture.
  • To eliminate physical and virtual barriers in access to culture.

inclusivity in INTERSECTION

INTERSECTION – Festival of Contemporary Audiovisual Art, has been implementing sustainability and social commitment actions since its inception in 2018. It currently has its own sustainability strategy, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. Within this policy, Special attention is paid to accessibility and social integration actions, counting on a social educator within the festival team.

The project “Diverse Views of A Coruña” is part of this facet of INTERSECTION in promoting social integration and has been carried out thanks to the support of the Emalcsa Foundation.