The Contemporánea section presents a small sample of pieces proposed by five of the galleries that make up the Galician Association of Contemporary Art Galleries: Nordés, Trinta, Metro, Luisa Pita and Vilaseco. As a whole, it is an intimate selection, which speaks to us from diverse perspectives about memory, thought, language, isolation and the spaces in which all come together, generating reflections that are sometimes subtle and evocative, others more forthright and simple, on aspects that are important for the present moment.

Interseccion - Lois Patiño

Sol vermello (Red Sun)

Vilaseco Gallery: Lois Patiño

HD video | colour | sound | 3 min | 2018 | world premiere

On the seabed, a storm of fish revolves around a motionless figure that oscillates weightlessly with the flow of the water.

A red, liquid sun floats in the suspended instant.

Interseccion - David Catá


Metro Gallery: David Catá

HD video | colour | sound | 3 min | 2020 | world premiere

“Horizonte” is a project that deals with changes, the confrontation with the past and the uncertainty of the future.

A diary written with a needle and thread on my own body, specifically on the palm of my hand, which was born from rescuing an action that marked my childhood: my mother’s job as a seamstress. The seams and sutures made on my body are a metaphor for the indissoluble symbiosis between the passage of time and oblivion, representing all those images, emotions and feelings that are marking my life.

With “Horizonte”, I sew those landscapes that appear before me, ready to be discovered. Through a performative and ephemeral action that confronts me with the past and seduces me through the uncertainty generated by the future, shaping scenarios that define me emotionally and with which I establish a mimesis between my body and the environment, its horizon and my own.

Interseccion - Sandra Carvalho & Felipe Ortega


Luisa Pita Gallery: Sandra Carvalho and Felipe Ortega

video | color | sound | 7 min | 2020

In this piece directly related to the multidisciplinary project “El espíritu del flâneur”, Sandra Carvalho and Felipe Ortega immerse the viewer in the poetry of darkness and fog, following its ghostly movement through the landscape.

Interseccion - Rubén Santiago

Post Ford Palace 2020 (Para ninguém ver)

Nordés Gallery: Rubén Santiago

HD video | colour | sound | 12 min | 2020

An empty city is a palace.

A pandemic.

Some audiovisual capsules intertwined by a code.

A discreet place, a date in the cleaning.

A series of interventions designed to be unnoticed.

A fall, an accident.

Interseccion - Manuel Saiz

SUBTÍTULOS (Saber sin estudiar)

Trinta Gallery: Manuel Saiz

HD video | color | sound | 6 min | 2016

It is an intimate film in which a sequence of handcrafted subtitles translates, confirms or denies what the only character in the film is saying while looking at the camera. Written and spoken language work to express the difficulty of an understandable meaning.