18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA

Tamara Goberna García

“She recently graduated in Fine Arts in Pontevedra in 2022 and has a scholarship for training in audiovisuals at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra during the academic year 2021-2022.
In this last course, regarding the audiovisual field, Tamara has participated in a workshop given by the filmmaker Adrián Canoura, in a section within the Novos cinemas festival called “”Videohipnose. Experimentar co cinema na era dixital””, of which there is an interview in the programme Zigzag of the TVG and the previous year with Eloy Domínguez Serén.
She has also been selected in the “”Sinais III”” section of the S8 festival and the previous year in “”Autoetnografías fílmicas de artista””.
She has been directing and developing a collective video project “”@aaquetecalleees””. Her interest in the audiovisual medium and her participation in festivals such as S8 and Novos cinemas stand out. She has also participated in two recent exhibitions in Zona C in Santiago “”Ausencias, esencias, presencias”” and in La esquina de Refugallo Arte at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra, as well as in a documentation work of the Residencias artísticas del Pazo de Mariñán.”