18-23 OCT   A CORUÑA

Carlos Irijalba

To the question “does the world need this art object?” the answer will be: no. Guided by the principle of relevance, Irijalba’s work attempts to act in a way that is sensitive to the context it occupies. In projects such as Skins (2015) or Pannotia (2016-ongoing) he uses geology in an analysis of the politics of replication and capitalocentric narratives. Through installation, photography and film (with existing materials or techniques developed by industrial processes) he tries to reflect on the collective construction of the territory. In recent projects such as Muscle memory (2019) or Half Wet (in progress) he reflects on anthropic dynamics and the mineral matter from which it comes. Awarded the Mondriaan Fonds Bewezen Talent 2022, Sifting Foundation SF 2015 and Marcelino Botin 2007/08 among others. He has recently exhibited at international venues such as the Shanghai Biennale 2021, CAB Art Center Brussels, Guangzhou Triennale 2017, MUMA in Melbourne Australia and the Lower Manhattan City Council in New York. His work can be found in international collections such as the Sammlung Wemhoener Foundation in Germany, the Taviloglu Art Collection in Istanbul and national collections such as the Museo Nacional Reina Sofia and the Museo Patio Herreriano.