INTERSECCIÓN – Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival focuses its programming on works that are at the crossroads of contemporary art and avant-garde cinema, covering a wide variety of formats, techniques and languages.
After three successful editions, held in 2018, 2019 and 2020, INTERSECCIÓN has already established itself as a meeting point for the artistic community and the public. Artists such as Salomé Lamas, Dora García or Tatiana Macedo have passed through the festival and works by international artists such as J.P. Sniadecki or Kevin Jerome Everson and Galicians such as Juan Lesta and Belén Montero, Carla Andrade, Ignacio Pardo, Eduardo Valiña, Lara and Noa Castro, Carme Nogueira, Edu Fernández, Vicente Vázquez, Verónica Vicente or Alberte Pagán.
Besides screenings, exhibitions and performances, INTERSECCIÓN offers formative activities and spaces where artists, researchers, curators and other professionals can meet their audiences.


Artistic Direction and Executive Production
Gonzalo E. Veloso

General Coordination
Celia Acción

Program, Editorial and Translations Coordination
Lara Castro
Noa Castro

Associated Programer and Publications Coordinator
Sara Donoso

LAB Coordinator
Enrique Lista

Galería Solaina

Production Direction
Elena Mansinho

Andrea Arias

Andrea Arias
Silvia Soal
Anty Suárez

Marta Mariñas

Dena Parro
Santiago Teijelo

Head of Communication
Ana Escariz

Head of Press
Alejandro Nieves

Design and Photography
Andrea Rodríguez

Web Design and Development
María Corral

María Vérez
Sara Donoso

Audiovisual Materials
Claudia Berro
Marta Insua
Esperanza Moreno
Santiago Teijelo

Carolina Galán
Adrián Reiriz
Sophia Aitken

Toni Álvarez

Guest Coordination
Ana Belén Bernárdez

Technical Coordination and Head of Sound
Tamara Ochoa

Carlos Hermida

Materials and Copies Management
Dena Parro

Children Didactic
Cillas Rodríguez

Alejandro Calo
Sabela Castro
Jonathan Costa Luengo
Fabio Couto
Cristina Fan Ye Lin
Jimena Freire
Cristina García Botana
Antón Gutiérrez
Sebastián Isaza
Manuel Martínez
María Mato
Fátima Méndez Alonso
Jorge Queiruga
Manuel Quiroga
Andreruzka Rangel
Daniel Rubianes
Samuel Saavedra Moreira
Ricardo Santiago
Alejandro Sar
Johan Sebastian
Marina Torres
Alejandro Vales Brandariz
Víctor Varela Sánchez
Iago Vázquez
Pablo Vilar Iglesias
Bruno Yáñez Casteleiro

Sustainability commitment

This year we are launching our Sustainability Strategy. By implementing it, we intend to reduce our carbon footprint. We are proceeding on the basis that any event such as ours generates negative ecological impacts and we believe that our duty is to minimize them as much as possible.
We have always taken sustainability into account when producing the festival, but designing a strategy has helped us focusing on things we had not given enough attention to.
With this pilot phase we are systematizing for the first time the implementation of actions directed to reducing INTERSECCIÓN’s negative impacts. Nonetheless, our intention is to expand it in future editions as well as to improve the way in which we calculate our carbon footprint so that we can be more accurate when measuring the Strategy’s success.
We do not have the Sustainability Strategy translated into english yet but meanwhile you can click


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