Sophio Medoidze


How do you see something from the inside and the outside at the same time? How do you construct a democratic filmic discourse, which plays to give and to receive, that is self-conscious, suggestive, deep and at the same time literal? We could imagine the work of Sophio Medoidze as a hall of mirrors, or as a frayed fabric. In her pieces there is something that escapes, a moment in which the understanding bounces and brushes against the code of the image, to understand it sideways, in an intuitive reconstruction of what is happening. We maintain the balance in a precarious way, imbued in the insecurity of one who does not fully understand, but also in their privilege, thus accessing a place of confluence, of intersection of different discourses, sometimes antagonistic, sometimes complementary or parallel.

Sophio’s work weighs, because it is abundant, it is full: of history, of change, of discomfort, of language. It is loaded with pieces that fit together and pieces that don’t, landscape, memory and stories (but small stories, not big ones). Sophio sabotages her own certainties and ours, her gaze and her power, and ours, and those of others. Body to body, she dances around otherness without really being another, without letting one other exist totally.
In Sophio Medoidze’s focus, we timidly peek into that complex and gloomy landscape, full of distances and neighborhoods, that shapes the gaze of this Georgian raised artist. This landscape is traversed from one body to another, on the ground, and yet unstable like a dream, suspicious like a rapture. It is about generating a rhapsody of roads by speaking and listening, asking a question, generating a speech, building on memory and undermining what has been learned, to try to understand violence, to raise suspicions about the dynamics of the construction of the everyday, of growth and of change, and show the fragility of the line that separates the real from the fictitious. In the end, we hardly get an idea of ​​how much is lost in the movement of language, and how much is gained by recognizing oneself over and over again in space, on the skin and in the gaze of others.


Curatorial text (by Lara Castro Lema)

Sophio Medoidze

The focus on Sophio Medoidze, curated by the British curator and writer Adam Pugh, transports us on a surprising, precarious and ironic journey, full of humor, criticism and history, through the artist’s imagination, which draws on a complex Georgia, full of contradictions.

Wednesday 27 oct | 16:30 – 18:00h

Fundación Luís Seoane

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