Julius Horsthuis


Julius developed a love for film and video at the age of 12. After high school, he worked on various film sets as sound recordist, clapper loader and focus puller. He also finished a one-year video study in the Open Studio. Meanwhile, Julius developed interest in computer graphics and he worked for several years for different (post) production companies, and later he supervised several films such as Nova Zembla and Academy Award winning Manchester by the Sea. He took creative supervision on what was the most VFX-heavy film in the Netherlands: Koning van Katoren. For various high-profile projects, Julius collaborated with other visual artists, and musicians, exhibiting his work in multiple exhibitions and events.
In 2013, Julius started experimenting with fractal environments, creating a unique blend between abstract and cinematic animation. His work quickly gained worldwide recognition, being posted regularly in blogs and news sites and his Fulldome film Fractal Time was recognized by Forbes as one of the 35 best XR experiences of 2019.

Planetarium for children

Within the Planetarium section this year INTERSECCIÓN has a series of audiovisual proposals that can be enjoyed by all audiences, especially children and young people, with pieces that present proposals from the most narrative to the most sensorial.