Asya Dyro


Asya Dyro is a computer graphics artist currently based in Moscow, Russia. She has been working in fulldome films production since 2015 and uses various digital 3D and 2D graphics software. Interested in an experimental approach and simplicity, she believes that a dome is a huge field for experimenting with graphics, colors and motion to challenge our emotions.
Besides that, she uses traditional techniques such as pastels, ink, markers and watercolors for sketching and painting. Since 2018 Asya has been developing her skills in Arabic calligraphy and she finds inspiration in astronomy, biology, Arabic calligraphy, or creators such as Ernst Haeckel, Bjork, Olafur Eliasson, Yazep Drazdovich (a Belarusian artist who painted imaginary life on the other planets), Andrey Khrazhanovsky, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and others.

Planetarium for children

Within the Planetarium section this year INTERSECCIÓN has a series of audiovisual proposals that can be enjoyed by all audiences, especially children and young people, with pieces that present proposals from the most narrative to the most sensorial.