Planetarium for children II

Der Mond

Robert Sawallisch

— Spanish premiere —

Fulldome | Sound | Color | 46’ | 2016


Four brave Adventurers from the land without moonlight go on a journey to make the night sky bright. Only with luck, magic and the help of a speaking piglet they find a way to withstand all dangers.
An exciting Fairy Tale that explains in a child-friendly way how the moon came into the night sky. This story is a free interpretation of the fairytale The Moon by the brothers Grimm.


Robert Sawallisch works as producer for fulldome shows at the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena, the world’s longest serving planetarium. Since 2013 he has worked on 9 different shows as producer, art director, media artist and writer.


Planetarium is a session dedicated to the technical avant-garde of contemporary audiovisuals, focusing on an area still in exploration, such as dome cinema. The selection counts with a great variety of aesthetic languages and narratives, which play in the hemispherical space of the screen to create almost architectural illusions, defining an immersive and unusual audiovisual experience. +

Planetarium for children

Within the Planetarium section this year INTERSECCIÓN has a series of audiovisual proposals that can be enjoyed by all audiences, especially children and young people, with pieces that present proposals from the most narrative to the most sensorial.