Leonor Lloret


Leonor Lloret (Lisboa, 1981) graduated in Art History from the Faculty of Humanities from the University of Lisbon and the Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza” (2000-2005). She post-graduated in Art Market Management from INDEG / ISCTE (2007-2008).
Researcher – curator, incorporated to the Museum research group of the University of Seville and later to the Artistic Historical Heritage Conservation Service of the University of Seville (2008-2013).
Responsible for the conservation, cataloging and inventory of old books in the Collection of Frei Manuel do Cenáculo, 16th-18th centuries, of the Public Library of Évora (2010-2011).
Since 2014 she is dedicated to contemporary art, being part of the team of the cultural-artistic space Appleton Square. In 2018 she collaborated in the legal change for a non-profit association as a founding associate, being responsible for the Strategy and Development area. Together with Vera Appleton, she programs the space, supporting itineraries, exchanges and relationships with Portuguese and international peer and artistic institutions. In 2021 she started the Appleton 7 program, dedicated to film and video art.

Explanation of Light

Explanation of Light, is made up of two programs curated by the Portuguese-Spanish researcher, curator and cultural manager Leonor Lloret (Appleton Associação Cultural). The first one is a collective session and the second is dedicated to the artist Catarina Vasconcelos, in such a way that both generate a poetic and subtle revision of what binds us to others and to the world, of home and time from multiple points of view.

Thursday 28 oct | 18:30 – 20:00h

Fundación Luís Seoane

Friday 29 oct | 18:30 – 20:00h

Fundación Luís Seoane

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