Jury and Awards

A Colectiva Award

500€ for the selected work.


Iria Vázquez

Multidisciplinary artist, teacher and doctor of Fine Arts (2015). She graduated in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Pontevedra (2006). In 2011, she obtained a research grant from the University of Vigo, to carry out a research stay at the Musée d’Orsay, the Louvre Museum and various art centers in Paris (2012), for the development of the field and documentary work of her doctoral thesis. She carries out and collaborates in artistic projects of a multidisciplinary nature that cover both the exhibition, audiovisual and scenic spheres, which she develops together with cultural mediation and art direction.

Edu Fernández

Edu Fernández (Bilbao, 1987) is an artist, musician and performer. From a very young age he received a multidisciplinary education in music, design and illustration. He has a Master of Contemporary Art from the European University of Madrid and a graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo.
He studied for several years abroad in countries such as Germany, Belgium and Brazil. He has trained with artists such as Dora García, Daniel Canogar, Paula Rey, Fátima Miranda and Llorenç Barber. His artistic research focuses on identity and performance. He is comfortable working with media such as music, video or writing, creating hybrid languages ​​with a legendary dark sense of humor.
His work has been exhibited in international museums and galleries, also awarded in important competitions and studied in the academic environment, and is present as well in private and public collections. He has repeatedly acted on television and other shows. He currently resides in A Coruña.

Ana Cabanes

Ana María Cabanes Fontao (A Coruña, 1991). Plastic, visual artist and activist.
She is a superior technician in Applied Arts of Sculpture from the EASD Pablo Picasso of A Coruña, she graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, she has completed a master’s degree in Research and Creation in Contemporary Art from the University of the Basque Country.
Since 2017, she has been a member of AColectiva, Asociación de Artistas de Galicia.
Her artistic proposals focus on uniting art and life. From different perspectives, she works with topics such as nature, the human being or everyday elements from a critical perspective of various situations.
For a few years, her work has focused on the plastic pollution of the planet and all the aspects of her working with this material that she collects in the different coasts to which she travels.

AGAG Award

200€ for the selected project.


Ángel Manzano

Ángel Manzano (Vigo, 1972) despite being a former lawyer, has already reintegrated into society. Director and screenwriter, he shot several short films (Tupper, Deber, …) which, inexplicably, won selections and awards. His versatility leads him to combine the baton of the podcast with the fewest listeners in history (VEMA – Ver o Mundo arder) with the recording of documentaries (Full Roller Derby, O Artenauta, both of these work in progress), all this while cooking and cleaning the bathroom. Among his future projects is the direction of a new edition of the Festival de Cinema Infantil e Xuvenil INFANCINEMA or climbing three two fourteen 8000 in summer pajamas. Oh, and he is vice president of AGAG-Asociación Sindical Galega de Guionistas- and president of FAGA-Foro de Asociaciones de Guionistas Audiovisuales-.

Enrique Lojo

Enrique Lojo (A Coruña, 1988) began his career as a scriptwriter on Galicia Television, in fictions such as Luci, Serramoura or A Estiba, among others. Linked to the field of web series, he has formed a tandem with David Sainz in several projects, among which are Entertainment (Flooxer) and Mambo (Playz). He wrote thrillers such as La Sala (HBO) or Toy Boy (Netflix / AtresMedia) and comedies such as Sabuesos (TVE) or El último show (HBO). He was also part of the development department of important national production companies such as Isla Audiovisual or Plano a Plano. He is currently on the script team at Secuoya Studios.

Jacobo Díaz Rodríguez

He has been writing scripts since 2003. He has worked in documentaries, video clips and TV formats, but the field in which he has the most experience is fiction, which, luckily, is what he is most passionate about. For years he worked as a scriptwriter and dialogue writer for TVG series such as Serramoura, A Estiba or Método criminal. Currently, he writes series for streaming platforms, beyond our borders. He recently took his first steps as a Comic Book writer by receiving the ARGH! organized by the Professional Association of Comic Book Writers, Norma Editorial and the El Arte de Volar Foundation, for his work Santuario.

Xurado Novo Award

A pack of Estraperlo books.


Laura Calvo Gens

She graduated in Art History from the University of Santiago de Compostela and with a Master in Contemporary Cinema and Audiovisual Studies from the Pompeu Fabra University. She is currently working with a predoctoral contract in the Department of Art History of the University of Santiago de Compostela, where she teaches in Film History and other Audiovisual Arts and carries out her doctoral thesis. Her main lines of research are ascribed to the field of contemporary visual and audiovisual culture, the aesthetics of series and television fiction and the hybridizations between audiovisual formats and other arts, which she has worked about in numerous courses, conferences and seminars. In addition to being a collaborator of the Institute for Cultural Studies and Social Change (IECCS), in 2020 she was awarded the III CGAC Prize for Research and Essay on Contemporary Art for the text Memoria do azul.

Xoana Díaz

She graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo in July 2020 and has a Master’s degree in Secondary Education, Baccalaureate, Vocational training and Language teaching, with a specialty in arts. She studied for a semester at the Dutch University of Fontys School of Fine & Performing Arts, collaborating on various projects, exhibitions, competitions and festivals.
She carried out her Final Degree Project, Materia Falada, integrating sound-experimental audiovisual art in the artistic installation, complementing her artistic process in collaboration with the Permanent Classroom of Traditional Music of the University of Vigo.
Currently, she is interested in multidisciplinary art, combining audiovisual techniques with manuals, and focusing personal experimental action towards the construction of new educational tools. She is trained in Digital Illustration by Marcelo Macías High School and in makeup by Susana Veira.

Cristina Chiarroni

Cristina Chiarroni (A Coruña, 1993), has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, where she is currently studying the Master in Art Direction in Advertising.
In 2020 she participates in the X Encontro de artistas novos at Cidade da Cultura de Galicia, as well as in different group exhibitions throughout the Spanish territory: Novos Valores Certame de Artes Plásticas (Pontevedra Museum); BAG 4TH: International Festival of Contemporary Art (Granada) and Comunicació / Incomunicació (MuVIM, Valencia).
In 2021, she is part of the Tool Park event in Studio Follow (A Coruña), and she is selected for the BRAND NEW ROOM at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque de Madrid.

Abraham Roberto Cea Núñez

Abraham Roberto Cea Núñez studied Art History at the University of Santiago de Compostela, between 2016 and 2020, and studied the Master in Contemporary Cinema and Audiovisual Studies at the Pompeu Fabra University, between 2020 and 2021. He is currently studying for a doctorate, especially interested in cinema, contemporary aesthetics and the figure of Guy Debord, while collaborating with the Institute for Cultural Studies and Social Change.

Celia Eiras

I like to write, I like culture and I like to write about culture. One of my great goals is to get the public to trust my voice. The other, to contribute to film studies through research. With no intention of underestimating the rest of the artistic disciplines, cinema saves my life every day.

With a double degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, Celia Eiras has collaborated as a writer, editor or photographer in magazines, newspapers and publications, as well as participated as a young jury in festivals such as Cineuropa.

Mauro Méndez

I am a student in my last year of Audiovisual Communication. I have always wanted to dedicate myself to the cinema, and for this I have worked on my skills as a communicator both in the audiovisual medium and in written word.
I have knowledge and experience in photography, video editing, academic and fictional writing, directing and production. I am looking forward to entering the film industry to be able to develop my work in different areas and acquire knowledge and experience that will allow me to carry out my own projects in the future.

Numax Award to the exhibition

The winning piece will be on the Numax billboard for a week.


Numax Team.

Contemporánea Award

The winning piece will be exhibited at Contemporánea galleries for a period of time to be agreed.


Asociación Contemporánea

Resorte Award

​​Three months of online tutoring for the development of an artistic project in Resorte (Worth 360€).


Enrique Lista

Enrique Lista (Malpica, 1977) is a Doctor in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo. He has carried out academic research and professional activities in the fields of art, graphic design, photography, and cultural management . As an artist, he has had solo exhibitions at the Luís Seoane Foundation, Zone “C”, Adhoc Gallery and Alterarte Room. He participated, among others, in collective shows at the MAC, MARCO, Centro Torrente Ballester, CGAC, Centre Civic Sant Andreu, Casa da Parra, Auditorio de Galicia, Fundación Laxeiro and Fotobienal de Vigo. He has experience as a university professor, advisor of artistic projects and publisher of author books.

Aida Vallejo

Aida Vallejo is a professor of documentary film theory and practice at the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU). She is a specialist in creative documentary films and film festivals, areas in which she has worked as a critic, screenwriter, consultant, researcher and teacher.
She is a member of documentary selection commissions (for the Lau Haizetara forum of the Zinemaldia and the Invisible Film Festival of Bilbao, or the Biscay council) and jury of several international festivals.
She is co-editor of the books Documentary Film Festivals Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 and Film Festivals and Anthropology and of numerous scientific articles on documentary cinema, film festivals, media ethnography / anthropology and narratology). She writes film reviews and documentary news here.

She is the main researcher of the ikerFESTS project (about festivals in Euskal Herria) and founder and coordinator of the Documentary Work-group of the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS).
She is also a visiting professor and researcher at European universities such as St Andrews University and University of Glasgow (Scotland), FAMU (Prague) and Masaryk University (Czech Republic), CEU (Budapest) or Aristotle University (Thessaloniki, Greece).
Finally, she is the coordinator of the university awards of the European Film Academy in Spain, European University Film Award.
Aida will participate in the sectoral round table “Mesa Proxecta: Strategies for the organization and maintenance of cultural events in the context of the pandemic.”

Silvia Longueira

Director of the Luis Seoane Foundation, she has a degree in History of Spain and a Master’s in Media from the UDC.
She created the first cultural management + communication company in Galicia: Rey de Oros. For ten years she worked and executed different cultural and communication projects for both public and private companies. She was a founding member of the Galician Association of Art Critics. She has published in different media and has edited and published books and catalogs related to museum themes and artists’ careers.
She led the dismantling of precarious settlements developing different cultural tools with the child and adolescent population to favor their inclusion. Among her latest projects, the execution of the collective construction of the Despachito stands out, together with the Faculty of Sociology of the UDC and the architect Santiago Cirugeda. She and the curator of the first solo exhibition in Spain of the Brazilian artist and activist, Paulo Bruscky.

Audience Award

Two nights at a Galicia Calidade accommodation.