Cultural worker and researcher specialized in archives and visual arts, current archive responsible at Hamaca.+


In this edition of INTERSECCIÓN, Hamaca presents a heterogeneous program, in which violence, fantasy, plasticity, history, and a critical vision of the social are interspersed. Se pueden trazar diferentes líneas que atraviesan todas las piezas, destacando, tal vez, la corporalidad. +

154 bofetadas

Jana Leo

Video | Sound | Color | 2020


This piece can be an example of the hurtful feeling when in a relationship the insecurity of the other person transforms into an aggression towards those who are sure of their feelings; This is also how one feels when one returns, again, despite everything, to see them, despite the fact that the couple, once again, neglects you, either due to lack of tact, lack of consideration or excessive confidence in the idea that love can do everything.
This piece can be used to express the feeling of frustration that undermines the day to day with the endless procedures increasingly immersed in life. Also the extreme despair when dealing with paperwork in which its excessive bureaucratic requirements exhaust patience and touch the limit of absurdity.
There is a more deadly way than bureaucracy in which the relationship between the individual and the state is distorted: negligence, lack of care. This video made on January 16, 2020, coinciding with the Chinese New Year and the first outbreak of CORONAVIRUS in Wuhan, China, could serve as an illustration of what each of the politicians should do to themselves after their resignation, after the appalling way in which many have handled the pandemic.
An individual (or institution) who destroys the internal fibers of another individual with great ease, seems to tell the other that the natural way to react is to assume, just like that, what is happening. This video tries to relate the cruelty inherent in this process.


Jana Leo (Madrid, 1965) is a teacher in Philosophy and Humanities, a Master in Art Theory and Aesthetics at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and a Master in Architecture at the University of Princeton in the United States. +

Cuerpos #1 Santa Águeda

Mirari Echávarri López

HD video | Sound | Color | 11’ 43’’ | 2017


Cuerpos #1 Santa Águeda starts from the author’s encounter with a Renaissance painting belonging to the permanent collection of the Museum of Navarra. The altarpiece represents the martyrdom of Saint Agatha, a devout young woman from Catania who agreed to die for the Christian faith.
In this audiovisual essay, the sense of touch appears first in the form of haptic visuality, a tactile image that turns painting into flesh or skin; the picture into body. This approach breaks with the conventional distance of aesthetic contemplation, diluting the limits between the observing subject and the observed object, and allowing mutual contagion.
The film combines critical theory and lived experience in a heterodox essay traversed by the author’s own subjectivity, the body, affections, folklore and feminism.


Visual artist and educator. She graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad del País Vasco and recently completed a Master’s Degree in Gender, Media and Culture at the University of Goldsmiths (London). +

Los jóvenes de barrio


Video | Sound | Color | 39’ | 1983


Documentary about the life of the youth of the Canyelles neighborhood of Barcelona.
Young people talk about school, work and unemployment, leisure, drugs and crime. They also talk about the relationship between boys and girls, learning Catalan, music, video and prison. After a brief introduction to the video, the young people, motivated by the novelty of the medium, interview their friends.
Four mothers with different family situations also give their opinion.


Video-Nou was a group created as a result of the Jornadas de Vídeo organized by the CAIC (Buenos Aires), which took place in early 1977 at the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona. +


Hamaca presents at INTERSECCIÓN through her director Eli Lloveras a selection of works created between 1984 and 2020 by Spanish authors. The titles that make up this program are 127 bofetadas (127 slaps), Cuerpos # 1 Santa Águeda (Bodies #1 Saint Agatha) and Los Jóvenes del Barrio (The Neighborhood ‘s Youth).

Sunday 31 oct | 19:30 – 21:00h

Fundación Luís Seoane

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