Sabela Eiriz


Visual artist whose primary mediums are photography, video, and text. Immersed in time, identity and memory, she works from the emotion, the conceptual and the poetic.
She graduated in Audiovisual Communication and has a Master in Photography and Comparative Studies. She is based in A Coruña, she is currently doing her doctoral thesis in arts and education and works as a teacher, photographer and audiovisual creator.
Sabela talks about what she knows and what she experiences: her work responds directly to the environment that surrounds her and is based on personal experience and emotions as triggers or starting points.


For the Galician section of the festival, we are committed to a heterogeneous selection in terms of styles, formats and profiles, pursuing the traces of a cartography of the inhabited that is projected from the digital, the dystopian, the intimate, the physical and the cultural.

Friday 29 oct | 21:00 – 22:30h

Fundación Luís Seoane