Meetings with Professionals of the Arts

Galicia - North of Portugal

On each day of INTERSECTION we prepare several moments for the professionals to meet. They are organized to take place during breaks and in friendly spaces for conversation, facilitating that the guests get to know each other better, have exchanges and promote networking. These meetings are essential for the festival to go beyond being a place for the exhibition of works, generating the real possibility of starting new projects.

Being INTERSECCIÓN a meeting point where professionals and content from different countries meet, the presence of Portugal has been maintained from the first edition and will continue in the 2021 edition through the Galician – North Portugal Art Professionals Meeting.
The collaboration between GNP-AECT and INTERSECCIÓN seeks to facilitate and promote inter-territorial cooperation between Galicia and Portugal, contributing to the construction of a productive fabric, creating links between both communities, promoting and valuing the respective cultural industries and mutual knowledge.
The Galicia – North Portugal Art Professionals Meeting has the institutional support of the GNP – AECT and the Camões Institute.
In the same way that we are interested in creating links with Portugal, we also believe it is relevant to attend to the creations that are produced in other parts of Spain, especially those with a marked culture of their own, such as Euskadi or Catalonia.

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