Félix Fernández


“I walk the path that leads to myself”. 

Following the flash of video creations, we delve into this focus, into a small section of the path that leads to the depths of Félix Fernández as a creator and as a person. This journey begins with pieces from youth, where the spontaneity of the everyday and a rebellious and vital attitude stand out, which in later works is combined with new settings and the appearance of a narrative performativity, where the script, on occasions, becomes the protagonist.

Felix’s work presents, at first glance, a caustic, analytical, critical and ironic character. Felix reflects on the human being and all their demons, creating fictional situations, often surreal or retro-futuristic, where bodies are subjected to socio-economic and political pressures. Happiness seems to continually fall apart, postponed by the rhythm of contemporaneity, which implies psychological alienation and condemns people to a state of loneliness, repression or boredom.

However, under the artist’s concerns a character of hope and affection is evident. In each of the works we find the author’s own fragility, which eliminates the distance from others and reflects, through his own body, on what afflicts and concerns the human being as a vulnerable being, in a continuous search for relief, pleasure, and self-realization, freedom and affection. Félix’s work is committed, it is full of courage, humor, intimacy and affection and, therefore, opens paths that must be shared.

Curatorial text (by Lara Castro Lema)

Félix Fernández

The focus on Félix Fernández is a journey through the author’s extensive career, from his first works to those made in recent years, tracing an overview of his personal imaginary, the thoughts and motivations behind his creations.

Thursday 28 oct | 16:30 – 18:00h

Fundación Luís Seoane