Escolas: Xatería



Daniel Emanuel Iglesias

HD Video | Sound | Color | 4' 44’’ | 2021


Short made as a final project for the Audiovisual Language subject at the Pablo Picasso School of Art. The short is a self-portrait of the author based on a poem written in 2017, when he was still living in Fortaleza. The change of leaving Brazil and returning to Spain after six years is told subjectively through archival images. The crazy life, full of vices, disappears to make room for a quieter life in Castro de Elviña, a small town next to A Coruña. Between those two moments, the images of Fortaleza also narrate the yearning of those who stayed and the memory that not everything was that bad there.


Daniel Emanuel was born on February 9, 1994 in Lausanne, Switzerland – City in which he lived and was created until he was 15 years old. At this age he moved to Fortaleza and resided there until the arrival of the pandemic in 2020. +


Cristina Chiarroni & Roquekes

HD Video | Sound | Color | 20’ | 2021


The rural (interpreted by GoogleTranslate) and the city (interpreted by Siri), maintain, in a video call, a dialogue written by GPT-3 (artificial intelligence of natural language processing).

[Cristina Chiarroni] 

Cristina Chiarroni (A Coruña, 1993), has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, where she is currently studying the Master in Art Direction in Advertising. +


Gadget Inventor.
Sometimes slide.
Sometimes wooden rubber hammer.

Leite. Sangue

Laura MS

HD Video | Sound | Color | 5′ 41’’ | 2021


Equitable relationships do not exist. They are an ambivalent exchange, binary hierarchies, a tacit agreement … in love there was violence, in survival there was death … Who can break the cycle? Things will happen as they have to. Milk. Blood. And start over.


Multidisciplinary creator with extensive experience in executing multimedia, audiovisual projects and experimental image creation processes + 

Meus sonhos no relógio


HD Video | Sound | Color | 10' | 2020


This audiovisual piece is a collage of images that inhabit different spaces in my memory, and that during a parenthesis they spontaneously dialogued until they generated a small personal diary of what was the first semester of 2020.


I, Sergio Roo, born in 1994 in the province of A Coruña (Galicia) studied the Degree in Art History in the city of Santiago de Compostela. +


Inma Veiga

HD Video | Sound | Color | 8' 06’’ | 2017


The first time I saw my brother I didn’t like him and told my mum to send him back; I didn’t want such an ugly baby at home. Seventeen years later, Brthr shows his transition from the end of adolescence to the beginning of adulthood. This is a film about the search of identity and self acceptance, narrated with honesty, familial issues and complex affections that only siblings can offer.


Inma Veiga was born in Parga (Lugo) in 1995. She studied Sound and Image at the School of Arts and Design in Caldas da Rainha (Portugal) […] +

Notas sobre habitabilidade en A Barca

Cinema Semente

16mm | Sound | Color | 16′ 47’’ | 2020


The images of the piece were filmed for a few days in the surroundings of La Barca, an abandoned village in southern Galicia. Through the cinematographic act, the piece shows our way of inhabiting a space in the Galician rural environment.


Cinema Semente is a collective of new filmmakers composed by Patxi Burillo (Iruña), Andrés Fernández (A Coruña), Paloma Hernández (Santiago de Compostela), Pablo Paloma (Barcelona) and Alfredo Ruiz (Mexico City) who operate in Galicia under a political and community perspective focused on the rural environment.



Santiago Barandiaran Vela

HD Video | Sound | Color | 14’ | 2021


“What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them gets lost, won’t he leave the ninety-nine in the mountains, to go looking for the lost one? And when he does find it, I assure you that he is happy for the one sheep more than for the ninety-nine that were not lost. In the same way, your Father who is in heaven does not want one of these little ones to be lost.”


Santiago Barandiaran Vela, was born on November 10, 1998 in Cáceres, it is there where he began to record his own amateur shorts with his friends. +

Escolas: Xatería

ESCOLAS is a competitive section in which open calls are held for students of age. It is a space to make visible and encourage emerging talent developed and nurtured at the intersections of the arts. For this edition, ESCOLAS is organized through a collaboration with Galería de Arte Solaina.

Friday 29 oct | 16:30 – 18:00h

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