Lil Chachi


Originally from the parish of Louro, Lil Chachi (aka Oky Doky & Xanma) is a rapper and producer attached to the new trend of pop music in Galician.
Born in 1997, Lil Chachi began to publish his first singles on YouTube and Soundcloud platforms between 2016 and 2017, mainly motivated by his friendships. At the beginning, these songs in Galician and Spanish revolved around festive or rural themes, with references to local personalities and pirated beats downloaded.
The success of Lil Chachi’s first appearance on Spotify, “Juanchy,” linked to the sudden parallel development of his indie project The Rapants, made it easier for this kid to begin to increase his knowledge of composition and digital production. In this way, Lil Chachi began to make his own beats until the release of his first album “2021 Montelouro Hills Drive” in February 2021. Recorded and edited entirely at home, this first project entirely in Galician reveals the artist’s references. Figures such as Lil Yachty, J Cole, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Migos and, above all, Kid Cudi are part of the Hip-Hop, Trap, Alternative Rap or Pop Rap styles characteristic of Lil Chachi’s work.
Thus, after an exhaustive remastering carried out by Juan Figueiras in the studios of the Sala Nasmo, the lourean artist will make his debut on stage with an animated proposal for the future edition of the Vaia Vaia 2021 Portuguese festival.

Escolas: Xatería

ESCOLAS is a competitive section in which open calls are held for students of age. It is a space to make visible and encourage emerging talent developed and nurtured at the intersections of the arts. For this edition, ESCOLAS is organized through a collaboration with Galería de Arte Solaina.

Friday 29 oct | 16:30 – 18:00h

Fundación Luís Seoane

28 – 31 oct

Fundación Luís Seoane