Escolas: Xatería



Adrián Salgueiro

Photography and collage | 25 pieces | 40x50cm


Enxames is a visual photography and collage project that proposes an ethnographic and personal exploration of the village of San Xoán de Enxames, a parish of the municipality of Vilardevós in the region of Verín, in the province of Ourense, which currently has a population of approximately 100 inhabitants.
This work proposes a reconstruction of the image of the past, through the memory and preserved materials about the life of my maternal family in the rural, from the vision of my grandparents, Manuel Salgueiro and Angelita Martínez, in contrast with the new ways to see the territory today, where an “essence” and a pleasure for life in rural areas have always been maintained, resembling an image projected in the words of various poems of Galician culture added to the project.


Adrián González Salgueiro, born in Verín, Ourense, in 1998, is a visual artist focused on the field of photography. +

Na casa da avoa

Ana Sánchez

Photography | 56 pieces, 15x20cm


The rural is something that is inherited, that passes through thousands of generations where the culture and tradition of work and that caring towards nature continue to be maintained.
The pine that my grandfather planted, the house that my great-grandparents built, the kitchen that my grandmother took care of are still standing, more present than ever. Many things changed inside and outside the home, but the blood remains the same.
The rural is something that is inherited, but if it is not taken care of it can be lost. The rural as value and culture. The rural is work and care, but also rest and contemplative life.
Through the photographs, past and present connect, speak and the house where it all began it’s shown: the house of my grandmother, Elvira.


I am Ana and I was born on the last day of the San Froilán festivities in 2002 in Lugo. +


Antón Zaera

Sculpture | Mixed techniques | 50x30x10 cm


Car-Horse is a piece where animal and mechanical force dialogue in a kind of set where the horse, in this case a symbol of animal force, rises rampant in a gesture of victory over mechanical force, in this case a car. Thus I represent the importance of the past versus the present, which would be nothing without the foundations of the first.


Antón Zaera is a multidisciplinary artist from Ferrol who works unifying ancient and modern elements and symbols, thus creating a temporal link with a contemporary vision.

De la ciudad ilegible al rural ficcionado

Cristina Chiarroni & Roquekes

Ilustration | 3 pieces, 60x60cm


For our proposal we have delegated the responsibility of giving the answers to the questions posed in the call to three different artificial intelligences: GPT-3 (natural language generator), VQGAN + CLIP (image processing through natural language), WORD ( interpretation of images through natural language).
The project is made up of two works: The one presented in modality 1, it is a video that recreates a conversation between the rural (interpreted by Google-Translate) and the city (interpreted by Siri); said dialogue was generated by one of the IAs, GPT-3.
The one submitted to mode 2 is made up of three images generated by VQ-GAN + CLIP based on the text given in response by GPT-3 to the questions of the call and later reinterpreted by WORD to title them.

[Cristina Chiarroni] 

Cristina Chiarroni (A Coruña, 1993), has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, where she is currently studying the Master in Art Direction in Advertising. +


Gadget Inventor.
Sometimes slide.
Sometimes wooden rubber hammer.

Glamping + Menta Montanha

Daniel Selas

Textile sculpture | Piece on manequin | 180x120x70 cm


The Glamping project is created from recycled materials from different camping tents. The garments are characterized by the use of two very different materials: polyester, which provides waterproofing, and shearling -100% cotton-, which provides comfort to the person who wears it, as is the case with the padding inside.
It is a suit with various possibilities of use -preferably outdoor-, resistant and designed for the mountains. The tent assembled to the sleeping bag is foldable and is complemented by another bag that serves to transport the clothing more easily.


[Menta Montanha] 

The Menta Montanha project is a continuation of the Glamping project taken one step further. It could be said that it is an adaptation of the wardrobe that was used for the high mountain refuge to a more commercial and urban style.
This particular garment is a jumper with ranglan sleeves made from a base fabric called scrim -100% cotton-, embroidered with cotton wool and acrylic of different thicknesses.



I am Daniel Selas, an artist specialized in photography, sculpture and fashion design. I started my studies at the University of Vigo in the Fine Arts Degree. +


Elvira Martos

Painting and video | Variable measures


Taking painting as a starting point, a dialogue is created between its more traditional corporeity and its contrast with the language of contemporary audiovisual art. Not only does the search focus on the union between two totally remote ways of artistic creation (painting and new media), but also that, at that meeting point, we discover the missing link between antiquity and modernity, creating a new language until then never explored.
It also generates a dichotomy between the static, permanent, manners, … and the mobile, feeble and illusory, creating a fusion that portrays the most genuine reality; where mutable, fleeting appearances are emphasized and where, above all, the boundaries between the dream world and the physical world are subtle and subjective.
Interferencias refers to this line of research that she has currently begun to develop and translate into physical-digital sketches and prototypes, after a first stage of study and creation.


Elvira Martos (Seville, 1989) has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, in the specialty of painting she continues her pictorial studies at the Accademia di Pietro Vanucci in Perugia, Italy. +

2021 Montelouro Hills Drive

Lil Chachi

Sound | 30'


2021 MLHD is a self-produced album by Lil Chachi in his studio in Louro during 2020 and early 2021. The proposal (entirely in Galician) seeks to bring some personality to the local pop scene, with singles influenced by artists such as The Weekend, Kanye West, J Cole, Migos, Pitbull and most of all, Kid Cudi. Trap, Pop and Latin rhythms are mixed in the premiere project of this Galician artist.


Originally from the parish of Louro, Lil Chachi (aka Oky Doky & Xanma) is a rapper and producer attached to the new trend of pop music in Galician. +

Onde está a miña avoa?

Nora Galván

Photography | 3 pieces/p>


When I think of my grandmother, I imagine her picking vegetables or doing some outdoor activity, surrounded by life and nature. She is the greatest connection I have with the rural. Those memories are completely far from what I see every day in my city. The mixture of urban and rural concepts results in an unnatural image, as if said memory had no place in the cold spaces and frenetic rhythms that I find in cities.


I am an Audiovisual Communication student living in the city of A Coruña. I am 21 years old and I do personal projects focused on photography and video, as well as freelance work (portrait sessions, gastronomy or video clips). +

CCCC (Caderno de Campo Cerámico de Caraño)


Ceramics on a shelf | 2 pieces, variable measures


Behind “Telarete” is Tere Larios Etchevers. Her artistic project is based on the representation of her childhood through ceramics and poetry, relying transversely on other disciplines such as painting or theater. +

Escolas: Xatería

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