Víctor García


Víctor García is a long-term sound designer, explorer and composer whose steps have been mutating over the years to crystallize in his most personal project to date: the forceful electronics of Death Whistle. His compositional career has focused in the last decade on the creation of soundtracks, both for videogames and for celebrated film works such as Decorado, Psiconautas, los Niños Olvidados or Sangre de Unicornio, pieces with two Goyas among their multiple awards and that have earned him recognitions such as the selection in Aubagne, a festival specialized in composers for the audiovisual medium. With Death Whistle, Víctor García transfers the powerful and cinematic aura of his works to the stage and the dance floor through soundscapes, noise and poignant melodies that envelop the viewer in a disarming, immersive, underground experience, an unsolvable fugitive between the dreamlike and the earthly. His shocking live shows have won him over and over again the favor of a devoted audience.

Death Whistle: Concreto

To open INTERSECTION. Festival of Contemporary Audiovisual Art Víctor García presents the Death Whistle project, his most avant-garde audiovisual show to date, called Concreto.

Friday 22 oct | 20:30 – 21:30h

Teatro Colón