Death Whistle: Concreto



Víctor García

Photography by Xiana Quintas


Víctor García is a long-term sound designer, explorer and composer whose steps have been mutating over the years to crystallize in his most personal project to date: the forceful electronics of Death Whistle. +


As a synonym for concrete, Concreto represents the weight and strength of a show in which Víctor García combines geometric abstraction with architecture, nature and fractured light through his particular visual and sound universe. viewers will be pushed to the limit, experiencing sensations that precede the materialization of emotions.

Death Whistle: Concreto

To open INTERSECTION. Festival of Contemporary Audiovisual Art Víctor García presents the Death Whistle project, his most avant-garde audiovisual show to date, called Concreto.

Friday 22 oct | 20:30 – 21:30h

Teatro Colón