Narelle Jubelin


Narelle Jubelin’s research-based practice directs our attention towards tiny fragments of large histories with great exactness. Evidence of complex interrelations in the alternately dystopian and utopian histories of imperialism and modernism are demonstrated by Jubelin at a tangible level. She shows that in small things lie the analytical tools for a deeper, more probing understanding of dominant discourses, furnishing questions. In the case of the ideals of modernism, the life-impacting fields of object design and architecture occupy her work often viewed through the lens of the lived experience of individual perspectives.


The Contemporánea section presents a small sample of pieces by the artists Narelle Jubelin, Lúa Gándara and Rodrigo Méndez proposed by three of the galleries that make up the Galician Association of Contemporary Art Galleries: Nordés, Metro and Vilaseco.

Wednesday 27 oct | 18:30 – 20:00h

Fundación Luís Seoane