Abstraction shapes form. And it reforms and formalizes it. It also destroys or breaks it down. Looking is a complex exercise, which requires the education of emotional and aesthetic intelligence, but which could involve many other issues, such as mathematics and physics, body, architectural, political and social awareness, or of course imagination, fabulation, and humor. Seeing is a complex activity, but also very simple. We all see, and we can all get to see if we look, because of course the look, like almost everything else, is educated.
To look is to choose a partial reality, a piece of what there is or what seems to be there, as the camera does. Recording something is isolating it, abstracting it from everything else, to carry out an exercise in reality, or what is sometimes the same, an exercise in fiction, because in a certain sense our reality is made up of what there is and what we believe that there is. We imagine everything that we do not see clearly, completing what the look does not say. We think about what we see even if we don’t want to.
The CONTEMPORÁNEA selection invites us to become aware and in turn to carry out an exercise of imagination. It presents us with situations that invite us to see beyond what we see, what we seem to know. They help us question certainty, and to understand better our personal systems of shaping the world.
Through the works of Lúa Gándara, Rodríguez-Méndez, Narelle Jubelin and Helen Grace, protagonists of this CONTEMPORÁNEA session, we see how the gaze in its fragmentation expands and broadens rather than limits itself, because art tends to help us see better, with more humor and more critical capacity everything simple and everything complex.


Curatorial text (by Noa Castro Lema)


The Contemporánea section presents a small sample of pieces by the artists Narelle Jubelin, Lúa Gándara and Rodrigo Méndez proposed by three of the galleries that make up the Galician Association of Contemporary Art Galleries: Nordés, Metro and Vilaseco.

Wednesday 27 oct | 18:30 – 20:00h

Fundación Luís Seoane