Book presentations

Covid Houses

Covid Study Houses is an initiative that began during the 2020 lockdown by the hand of Ekain Olaizola Lizarralde and Jonander Agirre Mikelez. Through social media and for 40 days (from April 20 to May 31) hundreds of people from all over the world drew their respective confinements as an architectural plan, as an exercise to reflect on contemporary ways of living. 192 drawings from dozens of countries were gathered that make up a collective map of confinement, later joined in a publication together with several texts that think about those moments and how our homes adapted to that situation.

FOCOS + ESCOLAS Notebook: Divergent Movements

In the third edition of INTERSECTION. Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival (2020) the program counted with three focuses; three divergent views from which to pay attention to varied panoramas where the complex audiovisual apparatus explores its transversal nature, branching out from the poetic, the political, the revision of the image, the music or the technological.

Another thing that happened at INTERSECCIÓN 2021 was the deployment of a very special section: ESCOLAS: paradises double exhibition and single-channel project integrated into a competitive section through an open call. This proposal aims to bring emerging creation closer and more visible through open and crossed dialogues, which find their common point in the idea of ​​artificial paradise. In this case we have some testimonies from artists who participated in the project and an interview with those responsible for this commission: the Grupo Subterráneo.

Text by Sara Donoso

GALICIA Notebook

This notebook is made up of interviews with all the artists represented in the Galicia section of INTERSECCIÓN 2020.

Plunged into a moment of pandemic that seemed to briefly inhale between each new state of alarm, the 2020 edition has undoubtedly been the most complex and schizophrenic of this festival. An edition that was produced despite everything and that was able to reaffirm its interest in the generation of professional meeting and debate points with which to enrich and continue to outline the drifts of the sector. In this sense, the Galicia section is a space to make visible and encourage two of the pillars that we want to continue building from INTERSECCIÓN: emerging creation and the Galician audiovisual scene.

Our gaze has already traveled through these pieces, allowing ourselves to be seduced by the color, the footage, the atmosphere, the sound, passing between shots and counter shots… It is now time to let the images rest to focus on the words and discover all those concerns and explorations that give meaning to each project.

Text by Sara Donoso

LAB Notebook

For the second consecutive year, LAB was integrated into the INTERSECCIÓN program, Festival of Contemporary Audiovisual Art.

The LAB Notebook works as a chronicle of everything that happened in the context of the LAB, collecting the review process around the conception, the search for references, resolution of doubts and decision-making that was carried out with Lara Curto, Lucía Otero and Santiago Teijelo, for their projects Lluny, O espazo do fogar and Malgrat.