Aitor Gametxo


“The eyes close and the light continues”. With these words ends Els Ulls,by Aitor Gametxo, and invites us to reflect on cinema, gazing and representation. The Focus on Aitor Gametxo plays with everyday life and affection poetry, finding day-to-day keys to identify ideas in forms, to access the real in appearances.
Cinema captures life in an unexpected way, always leaving a trace of the truth, which emerges from the fable. The camera rescues and preserves the vague ghost of something that was, making it possible to return to it, to revive it. To look is to be present, to be a witness, but also to make present, to know. Cinema does not give life to things, and not even in fiction has the power to control them. They live beyond the gaze, they exist independently. What is certain is that the image is capable of prolonging that life in appearances, opening a parallel path. In this exists, paradoxically, a death, a loss: that which lives in the image abandons itself to representation, renounces the originality of the moment. In the promise of the image, we only touch the surface of things, the shape, the light. But the image does not depend on light, nor does it depend on sound.
Aitor presents us with a constant encounter between life and cinema, between reality and reality in its crossed paths. His work always generates doubts, questions forms, revisits ideas in scenes from the history of cinema, claims sound as a generator of images and explores silence.


Curatorial text (by Lara Castro Lema)

Aitor Gametxo

The Focus on Aitor Gametxo collects a selection of the works by the Biscayan author, bringing us closer to his vision as a filmmaker and activating vital and poetic reflection on audiovisual representation.

Saturday 30 oct | 18:30 – 20:00h

Fundación Luís Seoane

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