Judith Adataberna


is a visual artist who has developed her imagination through experimental cinema, photography and video-installation. Trained in Fine Arts, she completed her studies with a scholarship from the Master-Lav experimental film laboratory (Madrid). Her simulative works, in which scales and thresholds of perception are challenged, have been seen at film festivals such as Curtocircuito, Filmadrid, Intersección, Instituto Cervantes or galleries and spaces such as Sim Gallery (Reykjavik), Venice Art Projects (Venice), Hybrid Art Fair (Madrid), Museo Etopia -Zaragoza or in the 2021 edition of the LEV in Madrid.


LAB is a meeting place for people with different profiles and interests, involved in the development of artistic projects, to share them and discuss together the resources and strategies that they require to move forward. The collective dynamics will focus on reviewing aspects of the conception of the projects, search for references, resolution of doubts and decision-making, establishing a dialogue that can enrich and improve the capacity of each person to develop them.

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