Gari Arambarri


Gari Arambarri (Azkoitia, País Vasco, 1997) is an artist and art historian, graduated in Art History and Master in Contemporary Technological and Performative Art, both from the University of the Basque Country. He has done residencies in Tabakalera, BilbaoArte and Dinamo, as well as various video courses and workshops. In his works he is interested in desire, gestures, cinema and everyday life.


LAB is a meeting place for people with different profiles and interests, involved in the development of artistic projects, to share them and discuss together the resources and strategies that they require to move forward. The collective dynamics will focus on reviewing aspects of the conception of the projects, search for references, resolution of doubts and decision-making, establishing a dialogue that can enrich and improve the capacity of each person to develop them.

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