I was born in Compostela in 1991, but could have been born in Lapland, Estonia or somewhere like that.

When I was little they called me “patolas” and I dodged socks between a village in Ames and the hallway of a house in Progreso, in Vigo. Then curiosity led me to open my head trying to climb a “hórreo”, to almost drown in a swimming pool and to want to study cinema. At 12 I drew, recorded movie and music CDs for gifts and went to the video rental shop. I was trying to grow up fast while watching “Ally McBeal” and other tragicomedies from the early 2000s mixed with the “Xabarín Club”. I remember with love the times in the hands of my grandmother and the chocolate “petit suisse”. I did not take Communion but my mother gave me the spirituality of paying attention to the sea, crossing my fingers to find a place to park and trying not to vomit when we were traveling in the Opel Corsa.

I studied Cafyde and things related to movement and yoga. The next thing will be Physiotherapy. I like working with my hands, peas, chanting mantras and pilgrimages. Listening to dodgy music on the radio while driving. Yoga, running, friends. My birthday is in January and around that time I usually have conjunctivitis. Lately I spend more time in plant care, studying chemistry, piano, and music production. I returned to the village after being in India. This biography was not written by me, although I was there, driving towards Ortigueira and the sea appeared from time to time.

Interseccion - _Akazie_


With musical training in piano, traditional Galician percussion and acoustic drums, Acacia Ojea (Vigo, 1994) graduated in Fine Arts, where she amplified her interest in sound art, noise and listening.

After living in cities such as Marseille (France) and Porto (Portugal), she began her career as a DJ under the pseudonym _Akazie_. Her percussive electronic sets reflect the influences of this coexistence with Arabic and Lusophone sounds, rhythms and harmonies, and since her return to Galicia, she collaborated in different events and with different venues in Vigo and Compostela. At present, she is expanding her training within sound processes while taking a master’s degree in Electroacoustic Composition and New Media at the Katarina Gurska Higher Music Education Center in Madrid, where during this last year she was been invited to play in spaces such as the Republik Hall, Uñas Chung Lee or the 8K Club.