Jury and awards


“A Colectiva Award”

It will consist of 500€ for the selected work.


Interseccion - Jorge Couceiro

Jorge Couceiro

From 1996 to 2001 I studied Fine Arts at the University of Vigo. Since then everything has happened oriented in some way towards artistic practice. I produce and exhibit my own work irregularly, generally on my own account, I have exhibited almost always in Spain but also in Germany and Portugal on a couple of occasions. When they ask me what discipline I dedicate myself to, I usually affirm that I am not too concerned about plastic creation, offering a more specific term because I doubt that any of those that exist is honest with reality, I am neither a painter nor a sculptor, I am an artist and this statement, no less, is the only one that I can assert emphatically over the years. From my career I have to highlight as special those moments in which I met other artists, who, in some way, expanded my possibilities.

Interseccion - Juan Lesta - Belén Montero

Juan Lesta and Belén Montero

Directors, producers and audiovisual creatives. Founders of the Esferobite production company (1998-2017), they have directed their activity towards video clips, video creation, multimedia, installation and live video, receiving various national and international awards and mentions. They have made video clips for music bands, and have produced video-creation pieces for art centres, museums and foundations. They have exhibited their works at the Musée Pompidou-Metz, CGAC, La Capella, the Luis Seoane Foundation, among others, and have pieces in different collections. Since 2002 they have taught audiovisual classes in different centres in Barcelona and Galicia.

“Numax Award to the exhibition”

The winning piece will be on the Numax billboard for a week.

Jury: NUMAX Team

“Audience Award”

Two nights at a Galicia Calidade accommodation.

“Contemporánea Award”

The winning piece will be exhibited at Contemporánea galleries for a period of time to be agreed.

Jury: Contemporánea Association

“Xurado Novo Award”

A pack of Estraperlo books


Interseccion - Noemí Parga

Noemí Parga

Noemi Parga Iglesias (1994, Vigo). Graduated in Audiovisual Communication and is master in Advertising Art Direction from the University of Vigo. Partner of Fuck This Studio (Vigo), audiovisual producer at Anti-studio and member of Grupo Subterránea.

Interseccion - Miguel García Rivadulla

Miguel García Rivadulla

I am a fourth-year student of Audiovisual Communication in the city of A Coruña.

I’m specializing in 3D animation and videogames, and I’m also a fan of experimental cinema and short films.

Interseccion - Cecilia Doforno

Cecilia Doforno

I was born in Vigo, Pontevedra, on November 10, 1997. I am studying the last year of the Double Degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at the University of Santiago de Compostela, although I am currently in a SICUE mobility at the University of Valencia. I have participated in courses on film and television organized by the CGAC and I have spent two summers doing internships at the Diario de Pontevedra, especially at the Culture section of the newspaper.

Interseccion -

Daniel Arana

Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Vigo. He has participated as a production assistant volunteer in the fourth edition of the Pontevedra Novos Cinemas Festival, and as a member of the Xurado Novo in its next edition. In addition, he was part of the workshops “Un camiño posible”, directed by the filmmaker Eloy Enciso, and “Habitar o rostro. O xesto dun encontro”, under the tutelage of the filmmaker Jaione Camborda, both organized by the same festival. As a creator, he has developed several pieces of a documentary nature, such as “Espejo en el espejo” (2018) or “Echar raíces” (2019). He wrote and directed a fiction short film, “Norte” (2019), and co-directed with Cris Yáñez the short film “O paso” (2019). He is also a member of the collective Grupo Subterráneo.

Interseccion - Laura Calvo

Laura Calvo

Graduated in Art History from the University of Santiago de Compostela (2014-2018) and with a Master in Contemporary Cinema and Audiovisual Studies from the Pompeu Fabra University (2018-2019). She is currently starting her doctoral studies at the University of Santiago de Compostela, in the Doctorate program in History, Geography and Art History under the co-direction of Xosé Nogueira Otero (USC) and Glòria Salvadó Corretger (UPF). Her main lines of research are ascribed to the field of contemporary audiovisual culture, to the aesthetics of serial and television fiction and to the hybridizations between audiovisual formats and other arts. She has attended courses and various dissemination activities that have to do with contemporary art and cultural management, participated in round tables and written in relation to cinema.

Interseccion - Adrián García Seoane

Adrián García Seoane

Multinstrumentalist musician and currently a final year Audiovisual Communication student at the University of A Coruña. He has recently been selected at the Primavera do Cine Festival in Vigo and at the L’Hospitalet de Llobregat International Film Festival, among others, with the short documentary “Who am I?”, an experimental style piece in which he reflects in a poetic key about the passage of time and personal identity through homemade archive images. He is also a contributor to the blog “Parajes Culturales”, in which he writes articles on film and music.


“Resorte Award”

Three months of online tutoring for the development of an artistic project in Resorte (Worth 360 €)


Interseccion - Mar Caldas

Mar Caldas

In her artistic projects, the use of photography, text and video stands out, incorporating performative and procedural resources. Interested in the politics of representation and the viewer’s gaze, she has dealt with issues such as subjectivity, relations of domination between genders and between cultures, the value of micro-history, the breaking of sexual roles or the deactivation of voyeurism.


She has combined artistic practice with theoretical work that has led to conferences, essays, articles and curatorships, whose publications are partially collected in Academia.edu.

Interseccion - Leticia Eirín

Leticia Eirín

Leticia Eirín (A Coruña, 1981), graduated in Galician Philology at the University of A Coruña and received a doctorate from this same University in 2012. 

Her research work is focused on medieval Galician-Portuguese literature. Among her publications stands out the edition of the play “Auto chamado dos Enfatriões”, by Luís de Camões, “O cancioneiro de Pero Mafaldo. Critical edition”, in collaboration with Manuel Ferreiro, the “A visión do amor no cancioneiro de Don Denis. Estudo e edición de 33 cantigas de amor”. Currently, she is a professor in the Galician and Portuguese Philology Area of the UDC.

Since January 2020, she has held the position of Assistant of Culture at the University of A Coruña.

Interseccion - Enrique Lista

Enrique Lista

Enrique Lista (Malpica, 1977) is a Doctor in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo. He has carried out academic research and professional activities in the fields of art, graphic design, photography, and cultural management . As an artist, he has had solo exhibitions at the Luís Seoane Foundation, Zone “C”, Adhoc Gallery and Alterarte Room. He participated, among others, in collective shows at the MAC, MARCO, Centro Torrente Ballester, CGAC, Centre Civic Sant Andreu, Casa da Parra, Auditorio de Galicia, Fundación Laxeiro and Fotobienal de Vigo. He has experience as a university professor, advisor of artistic projects and publisher of author books.

LAB section

AGAG Award to “Best treatment of the project”

200€ for the selected project.


Interseccion - Marcos Nine

Marcos Nine

I started in the audiovisual world as a scriptwriter for tv series in 2001, writing for “Mareas Vivas”, “Terra de Miranda” and later for “As leis de Celavella”. After that stage I was in charge of writing and directing all kinds of non-fiction formats, television documentaries, documentary short films with extensive tour through festivals and Cervantes Institutes such as New York, Tucson , Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Manchester or Naples. Also feature films such as “Piedad” (2012) premiered at BAFICI or “A Viaxe de Leslie” (2014) premiered at SEMINCI in Valladolid. I wrote docu-realities like “A casa de 1907” (2007) or “Gran Cambio” (2010) and lately I have written in the series “Pazo de Familia” and “Serramoura”.

Interseccion - Oscar Cruz

Óscar Cruz

Screenwriter out of passion and need to tell stories. I started my way on the internet with series like ‘ El Método Sueco. Former student at the UPSA Master’s Degree in Scriptwriting and scriptwriter for the sitcom ‘Peter Brandon’.

Interseccion - Sara Gómez

Sara Gómez

She began her professional career working in Madrid as a camera assistant in films such as “Average Red”, “Vete de Mi” or “Isi Disi: high voltage”. A grant from the Caixa Galicia Foundation for her first literary work, as well as a grant from AGADIC for development, made her return to Coruña with the intention of becoming a screenwriter. After a period of training, she joined the Voz Audiovisual development department. There she wrote the script for series and films for television such as “Padre Casares”, “Matalobos”, “Africa” or “Cinco días de Nadal”. As a freelance scriptwriter, she works on the second season of “Luci” (Portocabo – Grupo Boomerang) and on the development of a new series for TVG (Voz Audiovisual).

Contemporanea section

“Xurado Novo Award”

A pack of Estraperlo books


Daniel Arana
Laura Calvo
Cecilia Doforno
Miguel García Rivadulla
Adrián García Seoane


AGAG award to the “Best Project Treatment” at LAB section
Lluny, by Lara Curto

“For the honest and well nuanced portrait of a figure that represents, with humility, the feeling of belonging to one’s land. For her approach loaded with an irony that arises naturally in the day-to-day life of a man in love with his culture ”.

Xurado Novo Award at Contemporánea section
(SUBTÍTULOS) saber sin estudiar, by Manuel Saiz

“For investigating an element that usually goes unnoticed in the film, for originally reversing the order of the elements of the image and for the textual and visual execution”.

Resorte Award at Escolas section
Ola Baby (Video-ensaio sobre a miña depresión), by Antía Carreira.

“For the sensitivity in the selection and assembly of fragments of family home videos and for their combination with texts of her own, endowed with a spontaneous poetic tone. For getting the viewer to project their own memories on the honest personal confessions of someone with whom they immediately feel empathy. Without ambitious appearance or claims of universal validity, for being able to transcend her personal circumstances that motivate her and serve her as a theme”.

A Colectiva Award at Galicia section

Inside the Microtubule, by Judith Adataberna

“The skill and subtlety in the hybridization of the different formats that the piece combines, by mixing documents and real and experimental recordings with the documentary format. For pressing the viewer’s sensitivity in a very shocking way by linking medicine with the current context. For flowing regularly, from beginning to end. And for being a tribute to mountain women. A difficult context for survival, especially in the past”.

Special Mention of the A Colectiva Jury
Interregno, by Fernando Gómez-Luna and César Souto Vilanova

Númax Award to the exhibition at Galicia section
Inside the Microtubule, by Judith Adataberna

“For the ability to immerse us through the author’s characteristic visual and sound work”.

Premio Contemporánea at Galicia section
-oito, by Berio Molina and Alexandre Cancelo
Xurado Novo Award at Galicia section
La bouche, promèner, non, non, non, by Acacia Ojea

“For its pictorial texture, the sound abstraction, the organic movements of the camera and the magic of the portrayed situations, which envelop the scene in a sinuous reflection on language and learning in a universal way”.

Audience Award at Galicia section Reality, by David Fidalgo