Succumbing to disorder

Text by Sara Donoso

At INTERSECCIÓN we seek to point out the divergent, in order to influence the questioning to think about the audiovisual as something elastic and free. For this selection of the section Galicia, in which we count with several world premieres, if there is a criterion that is imposed, it is that of diversity; of ages, trajectories, languages and formal decisions. We will find a diverse treatment of images, sometimes evocative and close to the pictorial, abstract and radical. We will see formulas integrated into the field of sound and the performative, and others that apply the popular attractiveness of kitsch to send acid messages, or documentary records where the word and the history direct the argument. At this point, in the space of heterogeneity, some concerns start to connect that have to do with the expansion of an attentive and diagnostic look, capable of measuring the temperature of our social environment.

Session I

Interseccion - David Fidalgo


David Fidalgo

HD video | colour | sound | 8 min | 2020

Reality is a critical and ironic reflection on shows of the “reality TV”. In this way, this project uses today’s relevant moments of 2019 and 2020 as a starting point.

Interseccion - Edu Fernández

Ópera Trap (Trap opera)

Edu Fernández

HD video | colour | sound | 3 min | 2020 | world premiere

Edu Fernández creates a new music genre: trap opera. This music style combines the refined lyrical singing technique and the traditional social class themes of urban disturb. The text is interpreted in “Koruño”, a hybrid dialect between Spanish, Galician and “Caló” which was born during the 1980s in the working-class neighbourhoods of A Coruña. An anxiogenic music genre that captures the hysterical and pornotopic reality of these pandemic times.

Interseccion - Alberte Pagán


Alberte Pagán

HD video | colour | sound | 6 min | 2018 | world premiere

New episode of the series “Superfícies”, in which an antifascist protest (Compostela, 20th November 2007) is projected onto roots. Sync sound. In tribute to the 16-year-old antifascist activist Carlos Palomino, who was murdered by a neonazi in Madrid a few days earlier, on 11th November.

Berio Molina y Alexandre Cancelo - Oito


Berio Molina and Alexandre Cancelo

HD video | colour | sound | 8 min | 2019 | world premiere

-oito” is a piece created around the research that Miguel Prado has been conducting about the voice: its separation and its evacuation. “-oito” emerged from the film “7 Limbos”, where the shooting process in many cases was based on documentary improvisation sessions with artists who participated in the film. For instance, the case of Miguel Prado: these sequences acquired their own unity and became part of isolated pieces. This short film is shot on Clifton Rocks Railway (Bristol), an underground railway station dug into Avon Gorge Hill which was used as a secret radio station during World War II. Its sloping structure creates small amphitheatres where the sounds resonances coming from both outside and inside are accentuated. The voice comes out of the mouth and becomes resonance.

Interseccion - Iria Vazquez

Tableaux Vivant. Retrato de Olga, 1.

Iria Vázquez

HD video | colour | sound | 3 min | 2020 | world premiere

The movement of the landscape reverberates on the canvas, the seismic work of the body isolates the uninterrupted language of a gesture, an existing abyss in the interpretation, the unbeatable perception of a blank space.

Interseccion - Judit Adataberna

Inside microtubule

Judit Adataberna

HD video | colour | sound | 8 min | 2018 | Galician premiere

Through my grandmother’s deteriorated memory, I walk around her old traumas while climbing a mountain at night and in the middle of a snow storm.

My 99-year-old grandmother talks to herself in the room, repeats in a loop stories from her childhood, but no longer remembers what happened 20 years ago. Memories of childhood fear overcome old age and memory fading. Her mother’s death at the age of 4 and the abandonment it causes are still a vestige of an emotional architecture that does not fade with dementia. In the middle of a snowstorm, I think about this, about being alone and afraid. Other women’s voices resound in the mountain.

Interseccion - Olaia Sendón

Terminator apetrena

Olaia Sendón

HD video | colour | sound | 3 min | 2019 | Galician premiere

The video reflects upon the old age. Suddenly the things that hold our memories are the ones that become important rather than the old, nobody likes the old.

Interseccion - Acacia Ojea

La bouche, promèner, non, non, non (The mouth, walk, no, no, no)

Acacia Ojea

video | colour | sound | 12 min | 2020 | world premiere

There is a space of feeling and of understanding the particular language of each culture.

The importance and consequences in bilingualism and translation.

The process of learning a language. Live with several languages.

Everything that the word “belong” implies.

Interseccion - Santiago Teijelo Vázquez

Plumas en el arcén

Santiago Teijelo Vázquez

video HD | colour | sound | 8 min | 2020

The human being and the rest of the animals are forced to coexist. Despite the time, this old relationship is still strange. Mistrust and the inability to understand each other have never disappeared, this is reflected in the gaze of the animals around us. Through the observation of the spaces shared by humans and other animals, we are able to reflect on the relationship that has been created between each other. Animals continue to distrust human beings despite the long relationship that unites them, not without reason, because on many occasions the relationship is forced and unequal. In the Monfragüe National Park the vultures live in freedom but they are not even able to avoid the interference of human beings in their environment. Storks and swallows are already full citizen inhabitants in the small towns of the Llanos de Cáceres, while livestock are still exploited.

Interseccion - Diego Santomé

Sin título (No title)

Diego Santomé

video | colour | sound | 4 min | 2019-20 | world premiere

A hermetic and unpleasant film, abstract and hypnotic. An essay about the representation, liberated from registering phenomena which is external to the spatial, temporal, and dramatic causality continuity, of a black dot over a white background.

Session II

Interseccion - Interregno


Fernando Gómez-Luna

HD video | colour | sound | 78 min | 2020 | Spanish premiere

Fernando and César said goodbye to each other at an airport in the United States in 2019. One day before the state of alarm is declared in Spain, Fernando feels the urgency to send a filmed letter to César. Thus, they begin a correspondence they call “Interregno”. Interregnum is a time in parentheses. The usual functions are interrupted, perception is disturbed. The “tv preachers” conspire against the apocalypse, or perhaps to invoke it. Deep changes are sensed, animal becomings. Time stretches and stops without a glimpse of the exit.

Interseccion - Fernando Gomez Luna

Fernando Gómez-Luna

Fernando Gómez-Luna (1981). Filmmaker and cultural manager. His work transits between video art, documentary, and fiction. Some of his pieces -“Mi rostro es de brea”, “Red Necklace”- have been awarded and selected at festivals. In 2015 he carried out the essay “Platopolis” on the Le Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood of Montreal. Currently, he is finishing the feature film “El Rastro Firme”.

Interseccion - Cesar Souto

César Souto Vilanova

César Souto Vilanova (1975). Filmmaker, journalist, and poet, his first feature film “Os Días Afogados” (2015), received the award to Best Film of the Competencia Latinoamericana at the FIDOCS Festival 2016 and to the Best Spanish Documentary at the Miradasdoc Festival 2017. It is currently in the editing phase of his third film, “The Quiet Days of Mr. Stevens”, produced by Matriuska Films.