Escolas is a competitive section in which open calls are held for students of age regardless of their nationality. It is a space to make visible and encourage emerging talent developed and nurtured at the intersections of the arts.

On this occasion, the idea of Baudelaire’s “artificial paradises” is taken up and reinterpreted, to present pieces that somehow address strategies or places of escape, be they personal and intimate, collective and social or of any other kind, that people generate or to which they go both physically and virtually to rest from the world, to have fun or distraction, to relax, to cry, to confess concerns or to dump their secrets and fears.

Interseccion ESCOLAS

Single-channel session

Interseccion - Pablo Aguilar

Toda Aspereza

Pablo Aguilar

4K video | colour | sound | 18 min | 2020

A nameless passer-by is forced to trace a circular route, confronting his monsters, loss and memory, and thus guiding the viewer through the different psychological phases that make up the transition to acceptance.

The circular structure of the abandoned Canido tram station was transformed into a circuit of memories in which the artist simultaneously projected five images of his childhood, belonging to a family trip to Fuerteventura. The broken walls function as a channel, transmitting fragmentary, blurred, analog memories.

Interseccion - Antía Carreira

Ola Baby (Video-ensaio sobre a miña depresión)

Antía Carreira

digital video and animation | colour | sound | 9 min | 2020

For six years, the only way I had to communicate with myself was through encrypted messages that sank into the sea of sadness. Now, as I am taking little steps across my new bridges, I manage to look back and say to my face what I wanted so much to say to myself.

Gratis & Mike What May (Ana Chamizo y Miguel García)


Gratis & Mike What May (Ana Chamizo y Miguel García)

video | b/w| sound | 3 min | 2020  | world premiere

The city is the cancer that gives us life.

From the Necropolis the Metropolis is born.

Interseccion - Paula Zamora


Paula Zamora

video | colour | sound | 8 min | 2020 | world premiere

The “voyeur” and the daily are the axis of “AaMamá”, a documentary piece that portrays confinement through telephone conversations.

Interseccion - Ana Harrison

Imaginario de un entorno digital

Ana Harrison

vídeo | color | sonido | 10 min | 2020 | world premiere

This piece is a virtual exhibition simulated in a forest where, as you travel through the space, different visual works appear in your field of vision to the rhythm of the music. The exhibition is divided into three parts that also go with the rhythm of three different songs.

Exposición en Normal

Mateo Villalustre

Puto Insomnio

Mateo Villalustre

photography on paper | b/w | 2019 | unseen

I have chosen dreams as an artificial paradise given the close relationship I have had with them for a few years. A refuge available to everyone and that most of us like to visit from time to time, and the mind does not deprive anyone of its use, not by race, social class or religion. A reality where the subconscious of each one gives free rein to a different state of things where space and time disappear.

Mihai Bulai


Mihai Bulai

photography on paper | colour | 21 x 29 cm | 2020 | unseen

The project is based on a life experience of mine. It is a performance documentary about my stay at a local monastery that is called after a catholic saint “Don Calabria “. At the time, I wanted to become a priest. After spending one year in that monastery, I started to understand that the way of living, which I saw like a paradise (with the eyes of a kid who wanted to escape from his home), wasn’t a paradise at all. Overall, I recreate my state of mind, my emotional experience during the stay at what should have been my “artificial paradise “.

Mihai Bulai


Nicolás Vázquez Ben

gouache on paper | 20 x 29 cm  | 2020

A walk in three phases where the character goes through, contemplates and is transformed by the landscape.

Interseccion - Malina Moncea

Dacia, Mon amour

Malina Moncea

one channel video installation | colour | sound | 4 min | 2018  | unseen

Dacia constitutes a pseudo-memory, taught from generation to generation, to which I relate in the video as an advertisement intuited by only the few materials left about it. And so, I create, from the point of view of a person born post-revolution an imaginary story, a docu-fiction, deconstructing and reconstructing national and personal symbols for the sake of highlighting the influence of the environment under which I was born. The temporal propagation is analysed in my genealogy and the personal level of comprehension over what photography as memory and photography as memento means.

If the road taken in this work has a personal note, then the narratorial voice is referring to a national, cumulative conscience which influences a descendent environment.


photography on paper | 120 x 80 cm | 2019  | unseen in Spain

This is the Dacia car which the video “Dacia, Mon Amour” is about. It is an atmospheric print of an abandoned Dacia car near Iași. The title is personal and suggestive because the Dacia Cartier is a neighbourhood in Iași in which I was born.

Noemí Comesaña

Carmen de Lilainas

Noemí Comesaña

textile | variable dimensions | 2020 | unseen

According to Gaston Bachelard, the great French poet Baudelaire said that the dreamer asks for a cold winter. “He needs a Canadian winter, a Russian winter, with it, his nest will be warmer, sweeter, more loved (…)” (Bachelard, Gaston 1965: 71)

In this nest our loved ones live and our shared personal memories dwell with them. The great stories, the home of memory, the home of the relationships with the ancestors, buried under the passage of time. The ancestors leave their prostheses in their wake for this earthly reality.

Interseccion - María vérez


María Verez

one channel videoinstallation | colour | sound | 1 min | 2020 | unseen

“isthisreallife?” is an audiovisual collage that collects pieces of buildings registered in different cities in Europe and that is presented as we would retain it in memory, in pieces and closer to dream than to reality.