Croatia Focus

A fragmented panorama of artist moving image in Croatia

Text by Branka Benčić

During the past decades film and video were established as leading artistic and cultural forms that have shaped  the landscape of contemporary art and film in Croatia, establishing tehemselves as the medium of choice for artists to explore its technical, poetic and subjective possibilities.  The program gathers different artistic positions working with contemporary artist moving image through a fragmented panorama of different voices, genres and generations, bringing together recent audiovisual works by Croatian artists working with experimental film and video practices, documenatary and animation in dialogue with selected historical positions, spanning a period from 1960s until today.

The four screening programs bring together artists experiments in film and video in 60s and 70s exploring the language of structural film, media experiments, documentary film, female voices and works created by a new generation of artists is reflecting on the conditions of the past and the perspectives of the future, by reflecting on the social, political, economic or cultural context.


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