Workshop for artistic projects


Workshop for artistic projects

LAB is a meeting place for people with different profiles and interests, involved in the development of artistic projects, to share them and discuss together the resources and strategies that they require to move forward. The collective dynamics will focus on reviewing aspects of the conception of the projects, search for references, resolution of doubts and decision-making, establishing a dialogue that can enrich and improve the capacity of each person to develop them.
Interseccion LAB
Interseccion - Enrique Lista

Enrique Lista


Enrique Lista (Malpica, 1977) is a Doctor in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo. He has carried out academic research and professional activities in the fields of art, graphic design, photography, and cultural management . As an artist, he has had solo exhibitions at the Luís Seoane Foundation, Zone “C”, Adhoc Gallery and Alterarte Room. He participated, among others, in collective shows at the MAC, MARCO, Centro Torrente Ballester, CGAC, Centre Civic Sant Andreu, Casa da Parra, Auditorio de Galicia, Fundación Laxeiro and Fotobienal de Vigo. He has experience as a university professor, advisor of artistic projects and publisher of author books.

Selected authors and projects for Intersección LAB

O espazo do fogar

Interseccion - Lucía Otero

I portray my close reality, family and its surroundings, the objects and spaces, the emptiness… just men and his trace, through a clear and sincere representation, having popular photography as a reference. I look for a vision from the inside, not traditionalist, an approach to the rural environment that can contribute to breaking stereotypes about its people and giving value to their way of life.

Lucía Otero

Interseccion - Lucía Otero


Graduated in Fine Arts by the University of Vigo (2016-2020), she is currently studying a master’s degree in Dirección de Arte en Publicidade at the same university. In 2018 she travels to Athens as an Erasmus+ specialized in photography and design, and in 2019 she participates in the collective exhibition “Xente nova e leña verde, todo fume” (Santiago de Compostela). In 2020 she will be a part of the exhibition at the Novos Valores, and she will participate in the project “MULLERES RURBANAS” by Cooperativa 7H and will show her work at the blog “Inédito”, directed by Manuel Sendón.


Interseccion - Lara Curto

Is a documentary project which explores the most intimate dimension of emigration through   Josep Maria, a Catalan man who has lived almost all his life in Argentina. His crystalized idea of Cataluña penetrates his daily life and meeting him made an impact on the author’s experience. What is that feeling of belonging to a place? What does it mean the distance between what we remember and what it actually is?

Lara Curto

Interseccion - Lara Curto


Lara Curto graduated Audio-visual Communication from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (2014) and studied a master’s degree in Teoría y Práctica del Documental Creativo at the same university (2015). She co-directed the film “CAMPANYA”, presented at several festivals and shows, awarded also several times, such as the two awards received at the Festival de Málaga. Between Argentina and Spain she has participated in different audiovisual projects such as “Lago dos Nenos” e “Anábasis”. In 2019 she was selected to be part of Clínica de obra documental by the collective Grupo Documenta (Córdoba, Arxentina) with her project for the film “Lluny”.


Interseccion - Santiago Teijelo

“Malgrat” is a documentary project that reflects upon the capacity of spaces to shelter memories.

Through images of the past recorded with the family’s video camera, images of the present and the confrontation of both, is composed the story of Iago and Javi, who make a trip to say goodbye to the family’s house, after the recent passing of their grandmother.

Santiago Teijelo Vázquez

Interseccion - Santiago Teijelo


Santiago Teijelo Vázquez (Santiago de Compostela 1987) studied superior education in Image at the Escola de Imaxe e Son in A Coruña. After finishing his training, he started to work on the audiovisual field as a director of photography, cameraman and photojournalist. Since 2019, he has focused on directing, carrying out fiction projects as well as documentary, achieving several awards in festivals and contests, such as the IV Premio Xohana Torres de Creación Audiovisual or the audience award at XV Mostra Internacional de Cinema Etnográfico Museo do Pobo Galego, among others.


Interseccion - Jose Manuel Sande

José Manuel Sande

Historian and film writer, he is a programmer at the CGAI-Filmoteca de Galicia and has an extensive career as a manager, teacher and activist. He writes in numerous specialized publications, being a part of the editorial board of magazines such as “AG”, “A Cuarta Parede” or “Luzes”. Dedicated to dissemination tasks, in addition to his presence in academic research projects and the organization of numerous film and cultural events, he has been a juror at more than 20 specialized festivals and is a regular member of AGADIC grant commissions since 2008. In the cinema field he contributes to research documentary “50 años en el andamio” (Ángel Rueda, 2008) and is the screenwriter and co-producer of the feature film “Arraianos” (Eloy Enciso, 2012). He is also a member of the Spanish Association of Film Historians (AEHC) and founder of initiatives such as the “Galiza Ano Cero” television channel, “Luzes” magazine or the blog specialized  “Acto de Primavera”.

Interseccion - Branka Benčić

Branka Benčić

Branka Benčić is an independent curator and art historian based in Croatia. During the past decade she has curated group and solo exhibitions and audiovisual screenings in Croatia. Internationally, she taught classes and published texts in exhibition catalogs, magazines and books. Her field of research, both written and curatorial, focuses on contemporary art, especially film and video internships, in the former Yugoslavia. She was curator of the Croatian Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale (2017), in addition to participating in other projects and initiatives, including Apoteka – Space for Contemporary Art of which she is Artistic Director; “Think Film”, an exhibition and thought project about cinema at the Pula Festival, of which she is the founder and director, as well as curating the Artists Cinema cycle at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

Interseccion - Ricardo Vieira

Ricardo Vieira

He works as a programming assistant at the Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira, dependent on the Serralves Museum. He is also a programmer for the IndieLisboa – International Film Festival and the Reverso Festival. Eventually he curates at the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum.

His work as an academic researcher focuses on the history of Portuguese cinema and film restoration and preservation.

As a critic, he is the co-founder and co-editor of “À Pala de Walsh”, one of the most prestigious digital magazines specialized in avant-garde cinema and audiovisual art in Portugal.