J.P. Sniadecki



J.P. Sniadecki

JP Sniadecki is a filmmaker and anthropologist who works between China and the United States, filming tremendously complex political, economic, social and human situations with great subtlety and forcefulness, always producing works of great aesthetic sensitivity and stories whose narrative is constructed through a documentation process which always has the richness and ambiguity of human testimony. Sniadecki’s works are never satisfied with observation, nor do they stagnate in the literal, but go beyond the documentary genre in their visual conception, generating plastic and poetic images, which speak about reality in a somehow artistic manner.

Sesión I

Foreign Parts Sniadecki

Foreign Parts

HD Video  | colour |  sound | 80’ |  USA | 2010

In New York City there are ignored, strange, parts flooded with equally peculiar people. Foreign Parts is a revealing and tender portrait of Willets Point, Queens, that captures the many roads the American dream has taken.

J.P. Sniadecki - Foreign Parts

Sesión II

Yumen Sniadecki


HD Video  | colour |  sound | 65’ | USA and CN  | 2010

In the quasi- ghost town of Yumen, Sniadecki brings together narrative gesture, performance art, and socialist realism into a crude and radiant collage that not only plays with convention and defies genre, but also pays homage to a disappearing life-world and a fading medium.

J.P. Sniadecki - Yumen

Sesión III

El mar la mar - Sniadecki

El mar la mar

HD Video  | colour |  sound | 94’ |  USA | 2010 | Galician Premiere

In this immersive journey through the Sonoran desert between the United States and Mexico, men and women see monsters, beasts, objects left behind by the living and the dead, and a sea of ​​infinite darkness, which the author presents us wrapped in a night soundtrack and heartbreaking testimonies.

J.P. Sniadecki - El mar la mar