Text by Sara Donoso

In order to look at the Galician audiovisual panorama, it is sometimes necessary to take 

some distance to allows us to really understand where the term is leading us to think. Calling into question the fashions, labels or official programs to understand the polysemic reflection of current production. If last year the Galician section of INTERSECTION already realized the derivations of language, this time the efforts multiply and there are a total of twelve artists who expose the versatility of the medium.

Session I

Verónica Vicente - Figuras decorativas

Figuras decorativas

Verónica Vicente

Video  |  colour  |  no sound  |  5 min  |  2018  |  World Premiere.

Figuras decorativas presents an approach to the body from a contemporary point of view. Verónica Vicente literally proposes to convert the body into a decorative object. The bodily limits are defined not as human entities but as objects’ intrinsic matter. The result is completely aesthetic, attractive, the body is chiselled to adapt to the environment by taking a position that is not its own and renouncing its previous state.

Transfiguración - Carla Andrade


Carla Andrade

Super 8  |  colour & b/w  |  no sound  |  7 min  |  2019  |  World Premiere

A sunset observed through the limitations of our cognitive abilities. The optical effects reveal fidelity to reality and are, at the same time, a bridge to the alchemical processes that occur during this daily encounter with radical otherness.

Carme Nogueira - Llamada a la escuela

Llamada a la escuela

Carme Nogueira

Video  |  16: 9  |  colour  |  sound  |  4 min  |  2019  |  World Premiere.

Llamada a la escuela is a work that deconstructs a passage (the visit to the school) of Las Hurdes tierra sin pan by Buñuel (1933). On the audio of the sound version with Paco Rabal’s voice, the author works bringing out a series of archival materials which make visible other contemporary realities: that of the classes of two professors who worked with innovative methodologies in two villages of the Hurdes. The images of Llamada a la escuela are the resulting materials of this artistic experience that has the intention of enlarging the space of the imagination and the possibility.

Carla Andrade - Cando os ellos non bastan

When eyes are not enough

Carla Andrade

Super 8  |  colour & b/w  |  no sound  |  3 min  |  2019  |  World Premiere.

The texts of the poet Nieves Neira Roca merge with images of the place where I grew up, in a flight backwards as a response to the impossibility of representing a reality beyond my own.


Félix Fernández - Subtextos de un Patrón de Mantenimiento

Subtextos de un patrón de mantenimiento

Félix Fernández

Video  | 16:9  | colour  | sound |  10 min | 2019  | World Premiere

As if it was a story, a narrator guides us through the different underground rooms of an architecture under construction, following the erratic movements of a grey character, with the intention of showing us the ins and outs of an institutional crisis, of a popular discredit of the decisions of its leaders, and of a structural dysfunctionality that impregnates everything where fragility appears peeking vertiginously from the top of things.

Lara e Noa Castro - Correspondencia

Correspondencia. O privire pentru alți ochi

Lara y Noa Castro

Video  |  colour  |  sound  |  23 min  |  2019  |  World Premiere.

The audio-visual pieces that make up this proposal are presented as letters, in a kind of correspondence between Galicia and Romania. The specific use of the audio-visual medium enables this exchange of information that transcends words, enlarges them, displaying a wider spectrum of meanings. Thus, we appropriate the codes of the epistolary narrative, seeking that in the letters the form overlaps the contents and their chronology, but that somehow a direct or indirect reaction exists, caused in some cases by an eagerness to tell, and in others, by the need to respond.

Edu Fernández - Le danseur des solitweets

The Solitweets Dancer

Edu Fernández

Video  |  16:9  |  colour  |  sound  |  3 min  |  2019  |  World Premiere.

The artist Edu Fernández, abandoned in one of those scenarios of Galician Feism and accompanied by a GoPro camera, performs a dance of the tweets from his Twitter account @dufpearl. The wit and urban art go hand in hand in this short piece of video art. It was inspired by the extraordinary book about the postmodern flamenco dancer Israel Galván, The Solitude of the Deep Dancer by Georges Didi-Huberman. The music is from Jchlbeats.

Session II

Alberte Pagen - 6x9


Alberte Pagán

Video  |  6: 9  |  colour  |  no sound  |  9 min  |  2019  |  World Premiere.

75 old photographs found in the Hietalahti market in Helsinki at the end of August 2019 and bought for 60€. 83 anonymous faces that look at us, sometimes sideways, for more than a century. But the names of the photographers do remain perfectly printed on the cards. The falsehood of art: we photograph a woman, a family, to “immortalize” her or them. The only thing that remains 150 years later is the name of the photography studio.

There can be no interpretation of these lives frozen on paper. Only its size: 6 x 9 centimetres. And the granted time: 7.5 seconds

Iria Vázquez - Ensaio


Iria Vázquez

Vídeo  |  16:9  |  colour  |  sound  |  2 min  |  2019  |  World Premiere.

ENSAIO, is part of the Telos project, which comprises and intertwines different fields and disciplines (photography, video, dance, performance). It’s an artistic research project, which is given in the form of a laboratory, in collaboration with artists who come from different disciplines. It reflects, mainly, on the elements and concepts involved in the process of generating a work.

Iago Eireos - Justicia


Iago Eireos

Video  |  16: 9  |  colour  |  sound  |  3 min  |  2018

The work JUSTICIA, transits between kinetic and sound language. The installation generates a set of cyclic forces and movements that provoke a response from tension, balance and inflection, responding, therefore, to an axiom that takes the patterns and harmony of science as a functional and pragmatic logic.

Logic as a science constitutes the basic and most important formal instrument for the study, analysis and interpretation of the rules that constitute the backbone of the current law

Cillas Rodríguez - Twins


Cillas Rodríguez

Video  |  16:9, colour  |  sound  |  4 min  |  2013  |  Spanish Premiere.

Twins is a video installation composed of two video projections. Both projections include a single sequence shot of the same itinerary and have the same duration. However, one of the videos plays more slowly than the other. This work interprets the paradox of space-time relativity.

Teresa Bua- Jeada


Teresa Búa

Video  |  16: 9  |  colour  |  sound  |  11 min  |  2018

Jeada is a piece of linguistic conscience. In it, the artist approaches the Galician language through the phonetic phenomenon of gheada, as if it were a portrait of her geographical area. The pronunciation of this phenomenon corresponds to the phoneme / x /. The form is automatic and repetitive. The piece exposes a cocktail language which we call “castrapo”, becoming a portrait of the Galician linguistic situation, but how much of Galician does it really have?

Vázquez Arrieta - Bajada

Everybody gives up sooner or later


Video  |  4: 3 |  colour  |  Sound by Marta Valverde  |  4 min  |  2015  |  Galician Premiere.

During the previous hours to the celebration of the summer solstice arrival, the skaters in the area went down with their skates along the road between the centre of the town and the skate park La Kantera. In the 90s, high crosswalks were installed on the road, giving the route a difficult element to overcome. After a serious accident, the celebration of the descent stopped for years. The piece shows an alternative path of descent to the Kantera, which runs between the grass and the concrete, a connection point difficult to overcome, and where the discontinuity increases each time an attempt is made to cross it.