INTERSECCIÓN > 24 - 27 | October | 2019 Luis Seoane Foundation


INTERSECCIÓN, Festival of Contemporary Audiovisual Art, focuses its programming on works created by artists at the intersection between contemporary art and avant-garde cinema, which handle aesthetic codes as well as innovative languages ​​and creation processes.

This program is completed with activities for the generation and transfer of knowledge, for meeting and professional training, and for open dialogue with the various audiences, such as workshops for adults and children, masters classes, round tables, presentations, conferences, meetings with the public, performances or concerts.

The festival takes place in A Coruña and is funded, among others, by the Deputation of A Coruña and the Luís Seoane Foundation, a museum that is also its headquarters.


Direction | Gonzalo E. Veloso

Communication Manager |  Tamara Blanco

Design, Image and Web | Andrea Rodríguez

Editorial and Translations | Noa Castro

Technical Coordinator | Tono Mejuto

Head of Sound | Fran Naveira

Technical Assistant | Carlos Hermida

Production Assistant | José Antonio Álvarez Pérez

Social Media | Aarón Blanco Mera

Guests and Texts | Sara Donoso

LAB Coordinator | Enrique Lista

Coordination of Events | Victoria Blanco

Children Didactic | Félix Fernández

Computer Technician | Alejandro Taboada

Legal Assistance | Sandra Expósito García


Xeila Piñeiro (Volunteers Coordinator)

Elena Mansinho (Volunteers Coordinator)

Celia Acción

Jorge Aller Taboada

Andrea Arias

Noelia Besteiro Varela

Elena Bolaños

Ernesto Bolón Vigo

Lía Losada

Irene Martín Ibáñez

Darío Martínez

Inés Portela

Jesús A. Quinteiro

Gabriel Seijas

Antía Suárez Martínez